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Our Seattle Washington office is now open!

SFW Construction now offers Dry Rot Repair Services From Seattle to Salem, with satellite offices in Seattle and Renton Washington to serve you and protect and repair your wood framed homes & buildings from age, and weather related problems.

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SFW Construction, LLC. The Pacific Northwest Leader in Dry Rot Repair Services!

The large majority of the homes in the Pacific Northwest could be built with outdated and dangerous building materials and methods making your home susceptible to weather related dry rot issues.

Fortunately our corporate vision is to serve the needs of home owners and solve these problems, quickly professionally and affordably. Your home is your most important investment and we can help get it done with financing from our friends at Umpqua bank!

Read reviews on our testimonials page from popular apps and social media sites, then don’t hesitate to call, SFW Construction does it all!

umpqua bank home repair loansFinancing is not a problem and just a phone call away. Our relationship with Umpqua bank combined with 14+ years of excellence in business has solidified great rates for home owners to handle any size home repair project!

Our Mission: Preserving and Protecting the Timeless Beauty and Diversity of Pacific Northwest Buildings & Homes for over 14 years.

SFW Construction LLC homepage exterior siding and roofing services

We specialize in weather proofing, and repairing damage from failed weather proofing in Siding, (wood) Framing, Windows & Doors and Roofing related services.

Modern home construction makes use of newer materials like galvanized steel framing in place of wood. Improvements in weather proofing materials for exterior siding or roofing products from companies we work with like Dupont, GAF, and James Hardie to name a few offer increased levels of protection vs. older building materials.

Siding repair Portland Oregon - SFW Construction

We can remove your siding, replace the dry rot infested wood, properly install a quality weather barrier and replace or paint the siding so the entire job looks like new!

If you have a wood framed home, a home with cedar or vinyl siding, or an older home, the fact is you could have dry rot.

In order to properly detect, repair and prevent the return of this moisture related issue you need professionally trained and experienced contractors who can do the exact work you need.

Contact SFW Construction to repair your home and prevent future problems. We’re a general contractor with nearly 15 years of experience with multiple service locations and personnel  trained to handle any type of weather related problem your Pacific Northwest home might be dealing with due to age and our relentless wet weather and damp conditions.

SFW Constructions complete service area.

Oregon: Portland, Tualatin, Seaside, Salem, & Everything PDX in between.

Washington: Seattle, Renton, Vancouver. 

Service Area Phone Numbers:

Portland: 503-885-0237

Tualatin: 503-885-0236

Seaside: 503-885-0236

Seattle: 206-499-4135

Renton: 503-885-0237

Salem: 503-885-0236

True to our word one service call does it all!

SFW Construction Service area

This map shows our service area coverage includes Seattle to Salem and everything PDX in between!

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Multi-Family & Commercial Building Siding & Repair Services Portland.

Multi-family repair and renovation. SFW Construction.

SFW Construction started as a general contractor serving the greater PDX area 14 years ago. Over the years we have developed highly specialized services that target solving problems specific to our wet region. Specifically Dry Rot on wooden structures. Dry Rot is the result of leaks and water and moisture penetrating the exterior of your home. SFW Construction has firmly planted it’s flag in the ground as the market leader in this highly specialized type of work. Because Building Codes have changed over the years, as well as the type of community centered structures that our being erected in our neighborhoods of late, SFW Construction decided to launch a new separate sister company known as WRB Construction.

Led by Doug Walhood, an experienced professional with a background in roofing and siding the entire aim of WRB Construction is to offer highly specialized and affordable services that serve the niche of multi-family homes and commercial properties. Due to the large size and unique methods for operating in shared living facilities SFW Construction has expanded it’s operations by launching WRB Construction which stands for Weather Resistive Barrier Construction.

This unique and wholly separate division is purpose built to serve the unique needs of larger apartment homes, multi-family homes, town homes, condos and community living centers.

To learn more about this unique company staffed only by trained and certified building envelope and siding installers, please call email or visit their website at: Multi-Family-Siding-Repair.

GO WRB construction logo

(503) 427-1982
CCB #225029

Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Services.

For many years a core component to our success has been our ability to staff, train and empower some of the best painters in the greater Portland area. Our painters are passionate and dedicated to quality. Thankfully the Pacific Northwest offers such an eclectic variety of homes, and building types that our painters never get bored! Just cruise down any block and you will witness an incredible variety of homes, with paint that varies from traditional to modern.

House painting in the pacific northwest

After many years of operating as individual crews under the SFW Construction corporate umbrella we are pleased to announce that we have set up a new home base and empowered SFW Painting to run as it’s own fast growing division. Headed by Master Painter and (former rockstar), Jay Reynolds our wholly new and separate painting division has quickly grown to be a market leader known for clean quality work and fast turn around times at budget beating prices.

We are happy to announce that our many talented Painting crews are now operating  as a dedicated separate corporate division. We are happy to be growing to professionally serve the needs of our growing PDX communities!

For more information about SFW Painting Interior and Exterior Paint services please visit their website here: Portland Painters.

House Painting in Portland - SFW Construction

A Tradesman For Jobs The Others Can’t Do.

Because our success is built on satisfying each and every customer and delivering services by only background checked, safety trained and certified installers we are able to offer unique services that include the following hazardous jobs, that are unfortunately all too common in older homes.

  • Lead Paint Removal & Abatement
  • Asbestos Removal & Abatement
  • Leak Detection
  • Structural & Foundation Repair
  • Seismic Retrofitting
  • Crawl Space Work

Asbestos removal in Portland, Oregon.

Asbestos and Lead may be relics of the past, but unfortunately they are still prevalent in all too many homes we service in the Pacific Northwest. These materials were heavy duty and from an industrious era, and yes they did last. The fact is they are not safe, and should not be treated lightly.

We have team members and long working relationships with companies that we work with because they take these highly specialized jobs seriously to ensure the safety of not just the home and building owners we serve but our crew members and their families also.

Lead paint removal SFW Construction.

If a recent home inspection has determined you have asbestos or lead paint, please don’t hesitate to call SFW construction to properly handle the work. We will ensure your families and neighbors safety throughout the process and only dispose of these hazardous materials in accordance with state and local laws.

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