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Springtime Deck Repair | Fixing Damages And Maintenance

A deck is a great place to socialize, barbeque, and enjoy the company of family and friends, or sometimes just relax and sunbathe or read a book. The deck pulls you outside of your home to enjoy the fresh air and the surrounding natural environment.

Springtime deck repair is essential to keeping your backyard looking great. With spring in the air and summer around the corner, the prospect of enjoying your deck becomes more alluring. As an adventurous extension of your home, maintaining the integrity of your deck is a top priority for most homeowners.

Your deck provides a place to enjoy such a broad range of leisurely and relaxing activities, so you want to make sure it is also a safe and reliable structure. Aging or untreated decks are subject to excessive wear and tear or breaking down extensively, and should be maintained and preserved just as regularly as the main portions of your home. So, if you need a deck repair contact us before our Springtime schedule fills up!

Common Deck Defects Or Problems

In the rainy Northwest, decks tend to break down more quickly than in less precipitous environments due to their ongoing battle with long wet, rainy seasons and blisteringly hot sunny summers. As such, dry rot is a common problem with decks—but one that can be identified and treated very effectively if it is caught in time.

Dry rot is caused by a fungus that feeds on moist wood. Over time the fungus eats away at the strength and durability of the wood and deteriorates its strength, causing your deck to be unsafe. A deck that has been invaded by dry rot is a dangerous structure that can fail at any moment.

SFW Construction has many years of experience in repairing decks that have been invaded by dry rot. As dry rot professionals, we know how to target the affected wood and remove the fungus, down to the tiniest spore, to make sure it is completed extracted from your deck.

With the massive building boom throughout Portland and the Northwest, decks that aren’t built to withstand the weather won’t last long, so shabby deck construction is just a recipe for failure. If you’ve experienced this, SFW Construction can help.

Get started on the road to a brand new deck by calling SFW Construction today. We provide free consultations and estimates! Having served Portland homeowners for over a decade we value highest quality customer service and work arduously with you to arrive at a cost-effective and timely plan to repair your deck.

Competent & Professional Deck Repair

SFW Construction is a licensed general contractor with many years of experience in home renovation. We are also a recognized and expert deck repair contractor, providing deck repair in Portland, Oregon, and throughout the Northwest. Our bottom line is: if you have a damaged deck, we can repair or rebuild it.

As Portland’s number one deck repair contractor, we specialize in necessary deck repair, providing carpentry and structural renovation to maximize the reliability, durability, and longevity of your deck. From ensuring proper and secure foundations to strengthening the structure and repairing any loose or degrading portions of your deck, we rebuild and renew your deck to utmost perfection.

Since your deck is located outside and is under constant assault from the elements, we also specialize in proper flashing and waterproofing to ensure your deck is rebuilt to withstand the weather. We have the expertise to ensure that your deck is correctly integrated into the envelope system of your home, which helps to protect and weatherproof it.

Taking extra precautions ensures that your deck will be well-preserved and rebuilt to fend off dry rot and other common deck defects. And that’s our number one goal: to empower our customers with the highest quality craftsmanship in all our carpentry and construction services.

Finest Quality Deck Materials

SFW Construction uses only the finest materials on the market. Wood decks are repaired with red cedar, one of the toughest and most weather-resistant kinds of wood available. The cedar we use is sustainably harvested from local Northwest sources. The wood is treated to ensure it is waterproofed, which extends its lifetime and increases durability.

We repair decks made of composite materials with top-notch polyethylene-based matching materials that are rigorous and look great. Whether you have a wood or composite deck, we use only the highest caliber materials to ensure the longevity of your deck construction repair.

New Deck Construction

Did we mention we love to build brand new decks? Since 2005, SFW Construction has amassed a sizable portfolio of breathtaking custom decks we have built, including large and small decks, decks with roofing, decks with stairs, and decks with multiple levels. While we have lots of deck designs for you to choose from, we are totally agreeable to using your deck design as well.

We work with all our customers to choose the perfect deck for your home, including the style, size, materials, color, and trim details that will accentuate the relationship of your home with the surrounding landscape.

We view the deck as an intrinsic add-on to your home that enables you to enjoy the comforts of your home while stepping outside to appreciate the natural environment. So it is a pure joy for us to assist you with this specialized home construction service.

Get started today with your deck repair or new deck construction!