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Gutter and downspout maintenance and even replacement is an essential—sometimes overlooked part of roofing systems in Portland. Most gutter and downspout solutions are not well-designed for the volume of water we get in the Pacific Northwest. Gutters and downspouts play a crucial role in the overall performance of your roof’s ability to protect your home from water intrusion. Though we Oregonians love the rain, it can be damaging, not only to the exterior of your home but also to its foundation. At SFW Construction, we will help you choose the correct gutters and downspouts for quality construction and installation with a focus on roof repair and home maintenance.

Roof Gutter Repair

There are many options for directing rainwater off your roof and away from your home’s foundation. First and foremost, the rain must have a clear path off your roof and manage large amounts of water, so it doesn’t back up. Coming off your roof, it needs to freeflow through your gutters and away from your foundation.

Most homes send the water away from your house, so you don’t have water intrusion into the crawlspace underneath. Some homeowners like to install rain barrels to store rainwater from the winter for watering their gardens in the Spring and Summer months. If you have questions about your gutter and downspout solution or need some maintenance, we can help.

Downspout Repair

Downspouts are drainage pipes used to direct rainwater from the roof to the ground in a manner that leads rainwater away from a building’s foundation. Obviously, rainwater pooling around the foundation of a building can be very bad. Downspouts are generally attached to the corners of a home, but without working downspouts, rainwater will fall straight off the roof’s edge. This can cause flooding and other damage to the building’s roof and siding. Undirected rainwater will find ways into the foundation of any building through cracks or other seepage points.

Gutter And Downspout Debris Should Be Done Twice A Year

Gutter debris should be removed twice per year. Running a hose through the gutters will reveal if there are any clogs in the downspouts. Downspouts can become easily clogged when leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris accumulate within the downspouts. This makes it difficult for the rainwater to drain properly throughout the downspouts. Downspouts can be removed from your home and thoroughly cleaned if necessary but upkeep is the key.

Professional Gutter And Downspout Installation And Maintenence

Contact us today for a direct consultation so we can help you select the best options for gutter repair, gutter replacement, and even installing gutter protection to keep your gutters and downspouts performing as they should!