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It’s finally time for Fall, the Pacific Northwesterners’ favorite time of the year! While most families enjoy their time indoors watching Netflix and getting excited about the holiday season, it’s essential to remember Fall is not just costumes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and Halloween candy. The Fall season is a critical time to make sure your home is ready to withstand the cold and wet months ahead. We have put together a general home fall maintenance checklist to help homeowners like you prepare and prioritize projects.

Download The Checklist

When you have some free time, print out our fall home maintenance checklist, then take a walk around your home, checking on the areas listed. If you see a deficiency, note it. After you have walked your entire home and filled out the checklist, prioritize, and plan your home repairs.

Set aside the cosmetic issues and focus on what needs to be fixed in preparation for the winter months. Make a list of the repairs you can complete yourself and the ones you may need professional help to remedy.

Fall is an excellent time to finalize big home repair projects before shorter days make outdoor work more challenging. Sometimes this means getting your large trees trimmed, so they don’t fall victim to our legendary Winter storms. We are very experienced in repairing structural damage caused by broken and fallen trees. Still, many times this type of repair could be avoided.

Use our 30 minute, 45 point home maintenance checklist this season, and you can rest easy knowing that your home and yard are buttoned up and ready for Winter. Remember, SFW Construction is always here to help with questions you may have or home repairs you need.

When Fall is in the air, Winter is just around the corner.

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