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Inexpensive Ways To Add Value And Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

Are you getting ready to list your home? Have a house that is sitting on the market forever and don’t know why? One of the common issues that turn away potential buyers is the small issues like facia board dry rot, trim that is unmaintained, and open soffits. These minor issues can signal to a home buyer that if these little problems have not been repaired, there must be more significant home issues. Even if the buyer does not notice the issues during a walkthrough, these types of problems will come out in the inspection report. Waiting until the inspection report results to make repairs often leads to missed opportunities, longer closing waits, and hefty repair discount requests from the buyer.


The fascia board tends to draw in the eye as it is the roofing material base and often helps shape the home. Having peeling paint or soft dry rotted wood can be a visible red flag for a potential home buyer. Conducting a small targeted fascia repair or repaint and make your home stand out and give the buyer a sense that the house has been maintained and well cared for.


Buyers look at the trim of a home to better understand the overall condition of the home’s exterior. If the trim shows signs of water damage, this can mean that the weather-resistant barrier was not installed correctly or has issues. It could also mean the house has not been maintained. Signaling the siding may start the deteriorate soon, and openings may begin to leak. This is not the thoughts you want, running through the head of your potential buyer. Often a small portion of the trim can be replaced and painted to match resulting and a clean and worry-free appearance.


Since most buyers cannot physically inspect the roof from above, they look to the soffits to assume the condition of the home’s roofing. Having water damage stains from current or old roofing leaks is a big turn off for buyers. Sings of dry rot on the rafter tails tell a home buyer that the roofing may not be structurally sound. Open or unfinished soffits can let animals in and spell trouble for someone thinking about making an offer. Repairing the damaged rafter tails and installing a beautiful clean soffit covering and eliminate these issues before they arise.

We Can Help

If you plan to list your home, make sure you are presenting a home that will yield you the highest and best offer. A few repairs and a small amount of money upfront can save you from a costly experience later during the home selling process. If you have any of these issues, call SFW Construction for a free repair consultation today! We have skilled crews standing by to help make your home someone else’s dream home.