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Cedar Properties

Pre-primed finger jointed cedar is best used for trim and fascia because of its structural properties. The properties include clear knots, kiln-dried, and tannic acid. Clear knots in wood context means it is void of knots in the wood due to industry standards. Kiln-dry is dried lumber that makes for strong timber and is moisture, rot, and decay-resistant. The tannic acid in the wood’s structural property stops bugs and mold from eating away at it. With all the positives mentioned above, an essential takeaway about cedar is fewer chances to warp.


Cedar is an incredibly durable wood species with a much longer service life than other materials and is naturally durable throughout its heartwood. It offers a unique, natural performance characteristic and an exceptional finish that brings warmth, character, and longevity to interior and exterior residential projects worldwide. Truly sustainable building material, cedar has the lowest environmental impact than other materials such as brick and fiber cement.

Wide Range Of Uses

The cedar’s strength and the qualities it possesses the wood has a wide range of uses, including siding, decking, trim, fascia, soffits, outdoor structures, paneling, and more. Another significant benefit of cedar is it’s non-resinous, which means it accepts a wide range of finishes. The properties of the wood offer virtually unlimited versatility and design flexibility in terms of size and profile.

How Does Cedar Compare To Other Products?

Compared to other products like plastic composite decking, virgin vinyl, brick, PVC, and fiber cement, cedar has a much longer service life. Additionally, cedar has a softer and smaller environmental footprint and is made from renewable resources. In comparison, the other products listed are composed of nonrenewable resources. Another positive about cedar is it does not have to be pressure teated to last a long time in exterior applications.

We don’t recommend other materials because the top-coat (primer and paint) is the only thing protecting the material. Suppose you poke holes in the wood for Christmas Lights that will compromise the top-coat primer and shorten the service life. For products like SPF, Composite, and Pure PVC, that means letting water seep in through holes damaging the structure.

Misconceptions about Cedar

When working on trim and fascia, a common misconception is that cedar is not structurally sound and doesn’t have quite the load-bearing capacity as Douglas Fir or Hemlock Western. Cedar can be used structurally and is excellent for outdoor use with its durability and stability. With the ingrown preservatives, cedar contains in its heartwood, that allows the wood to resists rot, decay, and insects. So, the next time you look to get repairs done on your house, make sure the right materials are being used throughout the project. Otherwise, you could be forced into re-doing the job in the near future.

Targeted Siding Repairs

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