Christmas Light Installation Services In Portland, Oregon

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Professional Christmas Light Installation Services

At SFW Construction, it is our pleasure to offer professional Christmas light installation in the Portland metro area. We love this time of year and holiday light installation in our community is a passion for us. We set aside a couple of months a year and our professional team at SFW Painting goes into full-on Santa’s Helper mode! We have all the equipment necessary for installing holiday lights safely. Why have seasonal out-of-town companies take work out of our local economy when you can support local professionals? Especially during the holidays.

Christmas Tree Light Installation

Christmas Light Installation

We take care of any homeowner, large or small, commercial, or residential. We use gutter and roof clips and do the job right. If you want professional décor for your home, business, or just want to enhance your neighborhood, SFW Construction is your choice for holiday light installation in the Portland metro region.

Trust SFW Construction To Do It Right!

We are happy to install your pre-existing Christmas lighting decorations as well as brand new and “out of the box” holiday lighting decorations. Let us take care of the hassle of unpacking those boxes of tangled knots. We take care of it all. When we take them down for the season, we will make sure everything is organized for next year. When you want holiday light installation done right, call SFW Construction!

Benefits Of Having A Professional Christmas Light Installation

  • Avoid spending time in the cold weather
  • Eliminate the physical risks of being on roofs and ladders
  • Spend more precious time with family and friends

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured In Oregon And Washington

SFW Construction is a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We have been serving the Portland Metro Region since 2005 and are known for quality home repair work. We are the first reputable construction company to specialize in properly treating dry rot for home and business owners.

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