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Portland Historical Home Restoration

Home Restorations That Will Last Another 100 Years

Bungalow In Portland’s Historic Brooklyn Neighborhood

In the Summer of 2018, our client Tony, reached out to us to discuss the problems going on with his home. During our first encounter, he mentioned that his home in Portland, Oregon, was built in 1910, making it over 100 years old! The house was bought by his great grandparents in 1916 and passed down through generations. Since the house had so much sentiment to his family, researching to find the right contractor who could work on a Historical Home Restoration Project was going to be a challenge, and he knew it.

The Problem

What made finding a Portland contractor so challenging? Tony’s family knew that the project was a massive undertaking and if they were going to hire someone for a Portland Historical Home Restoration Project it had to be someone who had experience out in the field. Tony knew he wanted a contractor that could accomplish all the jobs he needed to complete and be 100% sure that whoever he hired was a quality contractor with the skillset, patience, and experience to restore his Historical Home. Within days, we met him in Portland and assessed the condition of his home. After about a 1-hour inspection, our Senior Estimator determined the house would require a full exterior renovation.


Customer Review Portland Historical Home Restoration
Aluminum Siding and Lead Paint Removal
Lead Paint Abatement


“The manner in which they treated my home, the quality of workmanship, and the communication are just a few of things that stood out to me while working with SFW. To me it felt that my home was treated with care and respect as they brought it back to its original state.

If someone asks me if I would use them again, I would definitely say yes!”

Tony S., Portland, OR
November 2018

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The Solution

We started by having our construction crew remove the aluminum siding and conduct any dry rot repairs on the structural materials and sheathing. Next, we had our lead paint removal crew remove any lead paint that was on the outside structure of the home. After this, our paint crew finished the exterior with a new paint job. Our client appreciated that we treated his home with the same care and respect as he did and that we were enthusiastic about working with him. He knew we had the knowledge and expertise to do the job right the first time, and that we take all the precautions to remove lead paint in an environmentally safe way. We take care of the environment by following all of the EPA Guidelines on Lead Paint, keeping our workers safe with PPE (personal protective equipment), displaying our license, using caution tape, and plastic containment.

Historical Home Restoration

Our client was so pleased with the crew and their craftsmanship during the exterior home repairs on his 1910 Bungalow home that he asked us to come back to repair and restore the interior of the home. SFW Construction was able to work with our client to remove any lead paint on the interior, conduct any minor repairs, and provide an interior paint job.

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Since 2005, SFW Construction has completed thousands of home renovation projects in the greater Portland area. We are reaching out to The Portland Metropolitan Area to offer the same services. If you live in Portland, Oregon, and have any repairs in mind contact SFW Construction today! We are experts at what we do and are willing to tackle the jobs the other guys will not because they lack the expertise—or because they do not have the time.

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