Project Description

Structural Roofing Defect Repair

Structural Roofing Defects Can Trigger Multiple Related Repair Issues

The Problem

The homeowner initially contacted us because she had water intrusion and possible dry rot near a second-floor window. Our initial discovery revealed dry rot, as suspected. However, we quickly learned there was more damage than anticipated, and the rot had already compromised the home’s structure. The structural dry rot damage was due to water damage as the result of a construction defect in design.

The Solution

Looking further into this roofing defect, we concluded we would need to tackle the job in three phases. First, remove the dry rot, and re-flash the window and waterproof the structure underneath the siding. Second, re-design the roof cricket so it would efficiently move water off the roof and to the gutter system. Last, perform a targeted siding repair and color match the new siding with the existing siding.


Further Damage Assessment and Targeted Dry Rot Repair

The first step was to remove the roofing material and figure out the extent of the damage caused by the roofing defect. The ridge of the roof meets the membrane material and only provides a slight slope. The lack of incline causes rain runoff to wick up into the sheathing of the house behind the siding, causing significant dry rot damage and water intrusion. After we uncovered the underlying damage, our crew conducted the dry rot repair.


Frame-in a Double Sloped Roof Cricket to Repair the Roofing Construction Defect

The next step was to frame a double sloped valley with a roofing cricket. The roofing cricket corrects the sloping defects and creates a highspeed rainwater runoff channel, thereby directing water to the gutter system quickly and efficiently. After we installed the roofing cricket, we installed the correct water barrier, ice shield material, and flashing to provide the homeowner with a watertight seal. Then, we had a sheet metal specialist fabricate and install a one-piece metal pan that will last for decades.


Perform A Targeted Siding Repair And Color Match

Finally, we brought in our siding carpenters to perform targeted repairs where the dry rot was repaired so our paint crew could color match the new siding with the old siding. The house looks beautiful and performs amazingly, ensuring that this area will remain free of leaks and issues.

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“I worked quite a bit with several of the supervisors because there were greater problems than we anticipated. They were all very nice and very helpful. Just in general, they were very good. It did take a lot longer and cost a lot more than we had originally planned, but that occasionally happens.”

Suzette D., Tualatin, OR
March 2020

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