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Beaverton Driveway Bridge Repair

Replace Bridge Beams With Dry Rot And Re-Build Driveway Bridge


The Pacific Northwest is full of unique construction projects. Surely, each one of them presents its own challenges. As a Professional Beaverton Contractor, we use our expertise to accommodate the needs of our customers and find solutions to their home repair needs.

The Repair Of A 33-Year-Old Bridge

In February of 2021, we started a project after the homeowner contacted us to replace the planks or decking. The replacement was dependent on the amount of dry rot on the 33-year-old wooden residential bridge in Beaverton. The bridge lays over a creek, which separates the homeowner’s driveway from the road.

The work from your company and crew was more than pleasant. In fact, it was a joy to work together! In short, I told the team I was going to miss them, and I do. They were always early to the job and so thoughtful.  

Jackie S., Beaverton, OR
February 2021

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Bridge Repair In OregonResidential Bridge In Beaverton Undergoes Dry Rot Repair

“SFW Construction did a great job replacing our driveway, a 33-year-old wooden bridge over a creek that is our only access from the street. The project evolved from the original plan to repair the bridge to a full replacement after discovering that the entire structure was compromised by rot. SFW deconstructed the old bridge with care – our water, sewer, and gas lines run through it – and put a lot of thought and care into putting the new bridge together, making several design improvements along the way.

The final product is beautiful and built for ages.

This was the first time we’ve had a contractor work for us on a time and materials basis, and while a fixed price contract encourages speed, a time and materials contract, at least this one, puts more emphasis on working with thought and care. Our work crew worked well together, impressed us with their work ethic and nice manners, and always cleaned up at the end of the day. The project manager, Jerry, kept us informed and gave us lots of good advice – not to mention peace of mind – along the way. We’d hire these guys again in a heartbeat.” — Gregory S.

The Challenge

First, we started removing some of the planks. During this process, we discovered that the support beams on the residential bridge in Beaverton had significant dry rot. For this reason, it was determined the planks and the beams would need to be fully replaced. However, this was not the only challenge we faced. The second difficulty the SFW crew faced during this project was the weather.

Professional Oregon Contractor Working Year Around

Even though we started the project in February, the crew felt as if they had gone through all four seasons in such a short duration of time. We had large amounts of rainfall, snow, wind, and sunshine throughout the seven days we were out there. While the weather is not normally a “challenge,” it added to the difficulty of moving new beams in and across the stream while replacing the old ones. This process is the third challenge the crew faced. The team had to replace the planks and beams by hand because a crane could not fit the home’s area.

Why Did The Wood Rot?

Originally the bridge was held together with through-bolts that went all the way through the planks and the beams. Well, those through-bolts were the main contributing factor in the beams rotting. Water ran along with the bolts, through the beams, rotting the wood from the inside out. Unfortunately, once dry rot begins spreading within a structure, it doesn’t stop. This made the bridge both unsafe to drive on and at risk of more serious damage.

The Solution

To avoid the beams from rotting like that again, the project manager had each of the 20 beams (that were 20 feet long) milled out of DF#1 and threaded with Klear-Gard, an antifungal treatment that uses a unique physical-chemical process to rapidly and deeply penetrate difficult to treat wood species. Next, we had the same process repeated on the decking planks for the residential bridge in Beaverton. All in all, this process, along with the wood’s natural structure, allows it to withstand weather conditions and avoid rotting. (See the first image below.)

“The SFW Construction crew thought ahead. In fact, they even built me a handrail to cross the creek while rebuilding the bridge because the mud was very slippery.  Above all, the crew cleaned their work area perfectly every single day. Overall, both of them displayed politeness many times throughout the project, the kind that would make their mothers proud.” — Jackie S.

SFW Construction Provides Professional Beaverton Home Repair Services

When we reconstructed the bridge, we used 5/8th galvanized lag bolts with 2″ malleable washers. The total residential Beaverton bridge project took seven days to demo and rebuild, and the overall design of the bridge did not change. We only used better materials, fasteners, and craftsmanship to reconstruct the bridge.

“I loved those guys. You are blessed to have such a fine crew. I feel blessed to have had their repair work on our bridge. It is a beautiful bridge, and we have received many compliments on it. Everyone was wondering what was happening “down there” at our place. Everyone was always blown away. They commented on the challenging weather conditions and being over a creek. “My boys” worked in the snow to achieve such a beautiful result. It is the talk of the neighborhood. Many people walk the street for exercise and to enjoy the calm respite of sounds from the creek. The bridge stands out and gets lots of compliments on their walks. I keep looking at the bridge and smile. You guys are simply the best, better than all the rest, as the song goes.” — Jackie S.

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