Beaverton Dry Rot

Beaverton Dry Rot 

SFW Construction specializes in dry rot repair

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Beaverton dry rot repair.

Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of your home by eating away and deteriorating the wood in your home, including floors, windows, and the roof. SFW Construction’s repair teams are the local go to Beaverton Dry Rot Removal Experts. Call or email for more information on our repair services today!

Professional Dry Rot Repair in Beaverton

SFW Construction LLC has provided Beaverton homeowners with dry rot eradication and home repair services for a decade. As a comprehensive general contractor, we provide the entire spectrum of home repair and restoration services that may be appropriate with dry rot damage – including siding repair and structural home construction. The degree of repair and restoration work your home may need depends on the extent of the dry rot.

Dry Rot Detection and Eradication is Critical

Dry rot is a wood fungus that is extremely destructive to healthy wood. Ironically, it typically takes hold in wood that is moist or wet, and can occur in many places of your home. The history of the term ‘dry rot’ goes back to the 1700s when British ships that had been in use on the ocean were docked and dried out, then promptly began to crumble. Though it appeared that the rotted condition was caused by drying, it was already present but came to fruition once the boat structure dried.

Detecting and removing wood infected with dry rot is critical because, just like those British ships, the wooden structure of your home is at great risk when deteriorated by dry rot fungus. Dry rot eats away at the aspect of healthy wood that makes it strong and firm, robbing it of its ability to do its job in your home. When dry rot has advanced in any wood structure of your home, the wood will begin to decay, fall apart and crumble – which makes it basically useless to provide any benefit.

Dry Rot Eradication and Structural Restoration

After detecting dry rot, determining the extent of damage is essential, followed by removal of all wood infected by the dry rot fungus. Like the decay that causes a tooth cavity, the dry rot fungus must be removed completely to restore health to the wood in your Beaverton home. Addressing dry rot sooner than later is important because – just like tooth decay – the sooner you catch it, the less repair work needs to be done.

Common Areas and Signs of Dry Rot

Dry rot occurs in areas that are subject to excessive moisture, such as the floors, walls, and countertops of bathrooms and kitchens, the framing and sills around windows and doors, and inside the posts, beams, and joists of your home. Discoloration of wood surfaces, a dank mildew smell, or areas in your floor that “give” when you walk upon it are all common indications of dry rot in your home.

Dry rot also occurs in exterior areas of your home that interface with the elements directly, such as under shingles, wood around gutters, in your homes siding, or your deck.

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