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Asbestos remediation is a crucial step to any remodeling or demolition project on houses built before 1970. We are dry rot repair experts and the majority of our business comes from homeowners who need their siding repaired or replaced. That said, many homes we come into contact with require asbestos remediation before we can begin the work we were hired to do. If we detect asbestos at a job site, SFW Construction can provide full-service asbestos remediation and cleanup services. From air quality testing to proper fiber disposal, we handle asbestos remediation prudently and properly.

Asbestos Inspections

No amount of friable Asbestos is considered safe to inhale. Chrysotile fibers are the most common form of Asbestos used in building materials in the continental United States. From the late 1800s through the 1980s and beyond, asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM), have been used in residential construction. Asbestos was a large part of the industrial revolution. An enormous amount of construction-related products use Asbestos.

Our accredited inspectors can identify suspect building materials and have them analyzed at a DEQ/EPA recognized NVLAP laboratory. Before asbestos inspectors ever became certified, they spent years in the construction industry, working with and identifying building materials and understanding their function. Because of their extensive construction background, inspectors have a complete working knowledge of building systems throughout an entire residence or structure.

Oregon Measure SB705

When asbestos-containing materials become pulverized and break down during the demolition and renovation process, the fibers are released from the stable matrix; they have been suspended in and become friable. Friable asbestos fibers are invisible to the naked eye. Once ingested into the respiratory system, they are known to cause lung disease and cancers.

As a general contractor, if you perform any work that causes the release of friable asbestos into the environment, you have created an unsafe work environment. To comply with Oregon Measure SB 705, before scheduling any demolition or renovation, you must obtain an asbestos survey from an accredited asbestos inspector.

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