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“When we contacted SFW Construction what really impressed us was the enthusiasm they had for taking on the lead paint removal project as well as their knowledge and expertise with being able to remove the lead paint in an environmentally safe manner.”

—Tony Marick, Homeowner (1910 American Craftsman Home)


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56% Of Homes Built In King County Were Built Before 1978

Any home constructed before 1978 may have lead paint. As a result, in 1991 the EPA stated that lead-based paint is considered the “number one environmental threat to children’s health in the United States.” More importantly, according to the EPA, lead paint removal should only be performed by A Certified Seattle Lead Paint Removal Contractor.

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SFW Construction is a fully accredited and licensed Lead-Safe Restoration and Lead Abatement Contractor. We are known in Seattle as the foremost experts in lead paint stabilization.

Lead Paint is Risky For Students Who Are Distance Learning

All 338,000 Seattle Public Schools students are distance-learning, expecting to stay safe from COVID-19 in 2020. But, many homeowners may be facing another, more serious danger and not even know it—lead poisoning.

Seattle Lead Paint Removal

The EPA estimates that nearly 9 out of 10 homes built in Seattle before 1940 have lead-based paint present, and 25% of homes built between 1960 and 1977 contain lead-based paint.
—Seattle Times, August 08, 2014

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