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Boston may be known for its classic charm and abundance of beloved sports teams, but it’s also notoriously wet. With an average 43 inches of rain every year – that’s a whole lot! If left unchecked, any window or siding damage can lead to serious leak problems inside your home due to all the heavy rainfall. But don’t worry though; these pesky leaks are not so difficult to spot if you know what signs you’re looking out for like water stains on drywall, moldy smells and musty odors along with rotten trim & dark streaks around windows – which could happen very easily in Boston’s rainy climate! If you’re concerned about window leaks in your home, contact us now for your FREE consultation.

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Minor leaks window leaks can cause serious problems if ignored. Once moisture penetration starts the protected area is no longer safe and the underlying wood is susceptible to developing wood rot. If wood starts to rot, look out and try to catch it ASAP, as it tends to spread causing more damage and potentially leading to a major expense.

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Here at SFW Construction, we focus on locating the problem and providing a lasting solution. We work to find the problem in and around windows and the frames, repairing them thoroughly and properly. Our SFW crews are certified Dupont Tyvek, weather-resistant barrier installers. Dupont Tyvek is the leader in high-performance building envelope materials, so you know we are using only the finest products. Apply that with the Dupont’s expertise we have and the warranty offer that comes with the product, your windows will be safe from water intrusion. If your windows are leaking or in need of repair, be sure to call Boston’s home repair experts, SFW Construction. Give us a chance to make YOU our next happy homeowner! Talk to us about your project today!

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