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Seattle Homeowners Are Concerned About Lead Paint. So We’ve Developed A Lead Paint Removal Process That Protects Your Family And Gives You Peace Of Mind

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Lead paint removal is a complex procedure that must be accomplished by trained technicians who know how to do the job correctly. SFW Construction is accredited and licensed as a Lead Safe Renovation Firm, and is fully equipped and experienced to conduct lead paint removal projects of any kind and size. Seattle lead paint removal requires a high level of skill because lead paint is a destructive substance that must be removed thoroughly, leaving your home more habitable and safe.

SFW Construction employs reliable and secure lead paint removal techniques, with emphasis on environmentally sensitive methods such as electric paint shaving, UV Scraping, and lead paint encapsulation. We incorporate these techniques with good old-fashioned hand scraping strategies to provide an environmentally sustainable and fully effective lead paint removal process that uses no harmful chemicals.

Seattle Lead Paint Removal

The Dangers of Lead Paint

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the use of lead paint in 1978 as it was recognized to be a seriously hazardous substance. It is especially problematic for children – for whom even low levels of ingestion can lead to learning disabilities and associated behavioral problems, while high levels of ingestion can cause poisoning, resulting in impaired nervous system and brain functions as well as anemia. Ingestion of lead paint typically happens when the paint is chipping or flaking, crushed or broken into dust and inhaled.

In 1991 the EPA claimed lead paint was the “number one environmental threat to the health of children in the United States.” It’s a high stakes risk to live in a home in which you don’t know if your child is safe. Experts believe that NO amount of lead exposure or blood lead concentration is safe, so it is really for the best to have your home inspected for this potential danger.

Why Should I Have My Home Evaluated for Lead Paint?

If your home was built before 1978 it could have lead paint. The only way to know for sure is to have your home inspected by a licensed Seattle lead paint removal company such as SFW Construction. Inspecting your home for paint must entail a comprehensive evaluation of all painted surfaces, including the body, trim, eves, soffit, and accent areas of your home. Both the exterior and interior of your home must be evaluated for lead paint, as well as all the layers of paint that have been applied to every area of your home, not just the surface coat.

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Developing an Effective Lead Paint Removal Strategy

The benefits of lead paint removal are centered around getting rid of a highly toxic and hazardous substance that can cause seriously debilitating health problems, especially for children. This benefit is the main reason for hiring a lead paint removal service such as SFW Construction. However, the other benefit is having your home freshly painted by a professional painting company with a great reputation for high quality work. In other words, in addition to the service of lead paint removal, you also get all the benefits that come with having your home painted.

We understand that a comprehensive lead paint inspection and removal process can be costly, so we do everything we can to work with your budget and devise a plan that works for you. Our main concern is helping you find peace of mind in a home that is guaranteed to be lead-free. Even if it takes some time to accomplish, it’s always worth it in the end.

Unexpected Repairs and Restoration during Lead Paint Removal

Intensive lead paint removal entails getting into structural areas of your home in which problems such as dry rot or dilapidated siding may be found. While many painting companies aren’t equipped to handle such issues, SFW Construction is a licensed general contractor specializing in siding repair and structural restoration work. Having one company do all the work saves you time, money, and hassle.

SFW Construction provides free consultations on the process of inspecting your home for lead paint. Call today to speak with a friendly customer service representative and discuss your lead paint removal needs!