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Kirkland, Washington is located in a prime region for dry rot. The wet Pacific Northwest is a beautiful and green environment as well as a perfect climate for the wood fungus that leads to dry rot to take hold in the wood surfaces and structure of your Kirkland home. SFW Construction LLC provides professional Kirkland dry rot removal and repair surfaces that rid your home of this pernicious problem. Call today for a free consultation!

Why Dry Rot is so Problematic

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that thrives in wet or moist wood. It eats away at the aspect of healthy wood that makes it firm and strong, reducing it to state of decay in which the wood cracks, crumbles and breaks apart easily. Wood in such a state of dilapidation is not fit to provide surfaces or a structure for your home. If left unattended, dry rot can corrode the wood in your home to the point at which it is actually unsafe to live in.

Dry Rot Repair and Home Restoration

Removing the dry rot in your home and restoring the wood surfaces and structures to a healthy condition are important steps to take in order to keep your home healthy and habitable. SFW Construction LLC has provided professional Kirkland dry rot removal and home restoration services to happy and satisfied Kirkland homeowners for over a decade.

As a full scale general contractor, we are experienced at home inspections and repair work, and can ensure that your dry rot problem is resolved entirely. In advanced stages, dry rot can cause significant problems, including damaged siding, decayed flooring, and dilapidated wood structures. We provide expert siding repair and can address any and all home problems associated with dry rot.

Keep in mind that it is critical to remove all the wood fungus that causes dry rot from your home – even down to the microscopic spores from which it is born. If all the fungus is not extracted, it will likely continue to grow, eat away at the healthy wood in your home and cause dry rot to spread to new sources of healthy wood.

How to Tell if Your Home Has Dry Rot

The wood fungus that causes dry rot thrives in wet or moist wood, which means dry rot can occur in any wooden area of your home exposed to excessive moisture. Because of this, the kitchen and bathroom are prime spots for dry rot, as are the wooden areas around windows and doors, around gutters and under loose shingles.

Here is a basic list of dry rot symptoms:

  • Wood surfaces are darker than usual or discolored.
  • Wood surfaces are shrinking, cracked, softer than normal or seem to be loose.
  • Floor has concave areas that “give” or squeak when walked on.
  • A dank, musty, or mildew-like odor in areas that have wood.
  • Cobweb, cotton or mushroom-like growths appear on wood surfaces.

To discuss the problem of dry rot in your Kirkland home – as well as how we can help you to get rid of this issue – call SFW Construction LLC today for a free and comprehensive phone consultation.

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