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Dry rot is a common problem in Redmond, Washington due to the typically wet climate that presides in the Pacific Northwest. Difficult to eradicate completely on your own, most homeowners turn to a professional dry rot repair company to remove dry rot and restore the integrity of their home. SFW Construction LLC has provided professional Redmond dry rot removal and repair services for over a decade, and can help you resolve the threat of dry rot.

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Why Dry Rot Can Be So Damaging to Your Home

Dry rot represents a significant threat to the structural integrity of your home because it is caused by a wood fungus that decays healthy wood through devouring the properties that make wood firm and durable. While there are various stages of dry rot, the final stage is one in which previously healthy wood has been dilapidated completely—so much so that it becomes cracked and crumbles easily when any weight or pressure is applied to it.

When dry rot has taken hold of the wood structures and surfaces in your home it seriously compromises the capacity for the wood to perform its intended function. Wood in such a condition of decay is not fit to fortify your home and must be repaired. Because dry rot is progressive, the longer it inhabits your home the worse the decay will get. To remove dry rot completely and ensure it does not reoccur, all of the microscopic spores from which it grows must be removed.

Expert Dry Rot Repair Service in Redmond, Washington

For all of the above reasons it’s best to have a professional Redmond dry rot removal and repair company inspect and treat your home for dry rot. The damage dry rot can inflict upon your home can be substantial and may require structural restoration work. Dry rot often decays the inner walls, cupboards, floorboards, siding, and roof of homes. As a full scale general contractor providing comprehensive home repair and restoration work, SFW Construction LLC can perform any and all kinds of home repair.

While we will do everything we can to preserve the integrity of your existing wood structures and surfaces, sometimes siding repair, roofing, carpentry, and other kinds of structural restoration work are necessary to fix the damage caused by dry rot. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Dry rot symptoms include:

  • Strange growths resembling mushrooms, cotton or cobwebs on previously normal wood.
  • Areas of flooring that become concave or “give” when walked on.
  • A musty or fungus-like odor in wooded areas of your home.
  • Tiny reddish spores spread out across wood surfaces.
  • Wood that is shrinking, cracked, or crumbles easily.
  • Wood surfaces or structures that are becoming loose or no longer functioning properly.

While all the above symptoms are good indications of dry rot, the best course of action is to call SFW Construction LLC today for a free comprehensive consultation on dry rot. If it sounds like your home does have dry rot, we will schedule an in-home inspection where we can thoroughly assess the situation. If your home has dry rot, we work with you to create a dry rot removal and repair plan that works well with your budget and schedule.

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