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SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Seattle dry rot repairs. Seattle homeowners know all about the rain and the wet Washington climate. It’s fair to say they have a love-hate relationship with the Pacific Northwest rain. One downside to the damp climate is that it creates a perfect environment for rot to invade our homes. But when dry rot has taken hold in the wood structure of your home, you need to call a Seattle removal specialist to get the job done right. To achieve a professional and long-lasting result, you need a contractor who specializes in exterior repairs.  Chiefly, one who understands the proper process and importance of integrating new waterproofing into existing materials.  SFW is dedicated to high-quality repairs, elite craftsmanship, and superb customer service.

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3-Step Dry Rot Removal Process

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The SFW Construction team is experienced and knowledgeable. We specialize in resolving all your dry rot issues and eliminating your problem from the source. With our targeted repair process we can restore your home’s structural integrity to its pristine condition and provide you with a long-lasting solution. SFW Construction understands the skill, care, and work needed to inspect, locate, and effectively remove and remediate moisture along with making the necessary repairs caused by dry rot. If you do not want the structural support of your property at risk, give our professionals a call we would be glad to help.

Professional Dry Rot Repair Experts

Being a homeowner can be challenging, especially when unexpected problems arise where you need a contractor. If you have not hired a contractor recently, the search can feel time-consuming and daunting. However, before you hire just any contractor or handyman, we recommend doing some research to understand your problem, what the solution entails, and how to pick the right contractor. Picking the right contractor will be well worth all the effort you choose to put into the search as it could save you from having to re-do the project in the future

“SFW did a great job fixing the leaks on our house and making sure they won’t come back! SFW’s carpenters are very experienced and know what they are doing.”
∼ Gabrielle B., Seattle, WA– (04/2024)

“They did a great job fixing my siding. Good customer service on the phone too. I would use them again.”
∼ Paul R., Portland, OR (02/2024)

“Timely service beyond normal Seattle service areas. Quality materials and installation that eliminated water seepage issues. Excellent client/installer communication.”
∼ Linda S.  Belleview, WA– (01/2024)

Common Signs Of Dry Rot

Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of your home by eating away and deteriorating the wood. While discovering dry rot you may also notice the discoloration of wood surfaces, a dank mildew smell, or areas in your floor that “give” when you walk upon it are all common indications of dry rot in your home.

Dry rot occurs in areas that are subject to excessive moisture including, but not limited to:

  • Areas of your kitchen and bathroom
  • Deck floorboards, ledger, and posts
  • Floor covering, subfloor, and joists
  • Framing around windows and doors
  • Inside posts, beams, joists, and sills
  • Roof shingles, gutters, soffit, and fascia
  • Walls, baseboards, stiles, and rails

Why is repairing dry rot early on so critical?

When it comes to the repair of dry rot, homeowners know to trust SFW Construction LLC, the premier rot experts in Seattle, Washington. Whereas many contractors won’t even deal with dry rot issues, we’ve made it our specialty! With vast experience in dealing with the toughest of rot problems, we’ve become extremely effective in locating and repairing the source of rot (often not an easy task) so the problem isn’t likely to reoccur. Furthermore, we craft appropriate and thorough repairs to the affected areas. Above all, wood rot is a serious threat to the health of your home, and we are equally serious about eradicating it PROPERLY.

Another benefit of using SFW Construction is that, as a full-service home repair Seattle contractor, we are able to repair, improve, or reconstruct other areas of the home that may be tied to your rot issues. Whether you need siding, roofing, painting, or whatever it may be, no need to call another contractor–we can do it all!

A fungus causes dry rot by gradually eating away at moist, healthy wood. The rot causes wood to become brittle and eventually break off and crumble. The fungus then moves on to more healthy wood nearby and continues its path of destruction. Once rot has infiltrated your home, it will continue to spread unless you take proper action to stop it. If ignored, what would have been a relatively minor repair can turn into a very large and COSTLY one that could involve repairing the home’s structure itself! So it’s imperative to take care of wood rot problems as early as possible and avoid serious and unnecessary long-term damage.

How can you tell if you have dry rot issues?

Dry rot is sometimes difficult to identify, but there are certain signs that indicate it may be present:

  • You feel “give” in the floor when you walk on it and/or there is squeaking.
  • Wood is cracked, looks darker, and appears to be shrinking.
  • Concentrated areas of discoloration appear on floors or wood surfaces.
  • Inserting a screwdriver or knife (or finger!) into wood is much easier than it should be.
  • You smell a damp, musty odor. (A potential sign of fungus.)
  • You see growth somewhat resembling cotton, cobwebs, or mushrooms.

If you believe your home has rot or you’re not quite sure, call  Seattle’s dry rot repair experts at SFW Construction to take a look. We can tell you for certain whether wood rot is present. Additionally, we will recommend the best course of action for YOU and YOUR HOME. Once work begins, you can be sure that your home’s dry rot problems will be taken care of. Our commitment to excellence is what we have become known for in Seattle, Washington and beyond.

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