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Dry rot is a prevalent and annoying problem in the Pacific Northwest, where Bothell homeowners must contend with a wet a rainy climate that favors fungus. Alongside the lush green beauty that attracts people to live in Bothell, Washington comes to challenges imposed by a virtual rainforest climate. Dry rot is a persistent problem best addressed by trained professionals. SFW Construction LLC has years of successful experience with Bothell dry rot repair and home restoration services. Call today for a free consultation!

How Dry Rot Damages Your Bothell Home

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that feeds on healthy wood that is moist or damp. The fungus actually devours the component of wood that makes it cohesive, strong and firm. Once the fungus has eaten away at the wood in your home for a number of years, the once healthy wood begins to dilapidate, crumble and fall apart. Obviously, wood in such a condition presents significant dangers to the structure and functionality of your home.

Skilled & Professional Dry Rot Removal Service

SFW Construction LLC will address and resolve the pernicious problem of dry rot in your Bothell home. An an experienced and highly successful dry rot repair expert, we are able to remove all the dry rot fungus, right down to the tiny spores from which it is born, so that your home becomes safe and healthy again. As a general contractor and established construction company, we are able to provide any structural restoration work your home may need as a result of the dry rot. We specialize in siding repair, home renovation and roofing work.

Why It is Important to Address and Eradicate Dry Rot from Your Bothell Home

You may think that dry rot is nothing much to worry about or that your home is tough enough to withstand a little fungus. The problem is that the fungus that causes dry rot is incessant and progressive. It doesn’t just invade and decay one area of wood then die out—it spreads continuously through any and all sources of damp or moist wood it can locate. While your dry rot problem may not be terrible today, it can expand tremendously over the course of a few years. Nipping it in the bud, so to speak, is really the most effective and cost-efficient way to confront this very common problem.

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Rot

Because dry rot is caused by a wood fungus, it is associated with a musty, fungus-like smell and may cause infected wood to have mushroom-like growths or appear to have cobwebs or a cotton-like surface. Dry rot causes wood to appear darker than normal, and may cause it to shrink or become loose. Areas of flooring that bend in or “give” when walked on may have dry rot underneath them.

Because dry rot is caused by wood fungus that thrives on moist wood, it is likely to occur in the bathroom or kitchen as well as areas exposed to the elements—like door and window frames—or even in exterior portions of your home, such as around gutters and under loose shingles.

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