Kenmore Siding Repair

SFW Construction specializes in Kenmore Siding Repair

SFW Construction is the number one choice for your siding repair.

We don’t want to brag, but if there’s one thing we know how to do really well, it’s repairing siding. I mean, at this point it’s in our blood. Five days a week, 52 weeks a year—for the past 15 years—we’ve done nothing but siding. So we’ve gotten pretty good at it, making us the right choice for your Kenmore Siding Repair.

The Essential Ingredients For Your Home

Experience is important. But so is a skill, and that comes from both training and experience. All our Kenmore siding contractors at SFW Construction LLC are Hardie factory-trained and Tyvek-certified, which means they get the most up-to-date, ongoing best practices training in the industry.

But all the experience, knowledge, training and know-how in the world still isn’t enough.

You need excellent materials to conduct excellent siding repair. When it comes to protecting your Kenmore home from the weather by sealing it in a waterproof manner, materials are essential. That’s why we use only top-grade siding materials manufactured by James Hardie and Dupont/Tyvek—so the siding repair on your home lasts for decades.

Most of our quality siding is fiber cement, a cost-effective and highly durable option that looks just like wood siding but is stronger. Charming cedar wood siding is another good option, as are stucco, brick, metal, and vinyl siding.

Commination is Key

Beyond great training, excellent craftsmanship, a wealth of experience and the finest materials available, the icing on the cake is unparallel customer service. We don’t just try to make you happy, we simply aren’t happy unless you are.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our Kenmore siding repair professionals complete the repair to perfection and exceed your expectations. As we said, we’ve been doing this a very long time, so our standards are much higher than the average siding repair company.

Our Glowing Business Reputation

These days businesses don’t just go on word of mouth or big billboard advertising to attract new business. With the advent of online social media, customers share their experiences freely. Just visit our Google review page where you’ll see our superlative overall rating and an abundance of incredible reviews. Or visit Angie’s List, who graciously awarded us the Angie’s List Super Service award.

As I said, we don’t want to brag—sometimes it just can’t be avoided. But the biggest thing we like to brag about is how awesome our customers are. Thanks for making us the number one Kenmore siding contractor!

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