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Save Money With Targeted Siding Repairs Over Complete Replacements

While it is true that siding is sometimes so dilapidated that replacement is a better option than a repair, much of the time targeted and skillful siding repair can be as equally effective as siding replacement, and at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, many siding companies will try to strong-arm customers into full-scale home siding replacements because they are more lucrative. At SFW Construction we value customer service and superior job performance over profit and specialize in siding repair vs. siding replacement, which is most beneficial for your home and your wallet.

Repair Vs. Replacement

When considering siding repair vs. siding replacement, the primary consideration is whether or not you need or want new siding on an entire wall surface or your whole house. If your home is ancient and you simply want to renovate the exterior surface or if you are craving a completely new look for your home, then siding replacement is the way to go.

Another good reason for extensive siding replacement is if you have severe dry rot, wet rot, or mold throughout your siding. Dilapidated siding cannot function properly and will need to be replaced. In most other circumstances, siding repair is the better option.

Reasons for Siding Replacement:

  • You want to completely update the existing siding
  • Siding is thoroughly rotten or invaded with mold
  • Home renovation, restoration or modernization
  • Siding has already been repaired and needs replacement
  • Siding has been bleached by sun beyond repair

Targeted Siding Repair

Targeted siding repair is a technique that involves honing in on the affected areas of siding that need to be fixed while preserving the siding that is still functioning properly. This process is both a skill and an art form that involves complete repair of damaged siding while blending the new siding into the old. In essence, it involves some siding replacement but overall is considered siding repair because it is selective and much more efficient.

Targeted siding repair is a great alternative to siding replacement. At SFW Construction we have over a decade of experience in perfecting this siding repair technique that restores your siding to full functionality while maintaining the aesthetic consistency of your home and saving you money.

Signs Your Home Needs Siding Repair

Siding that is worn down chipped, cracked, loose, or beginning to show signs of deterioration is probably in need of repair. Like any other portion of your home, the siding will eventually wear down and slowly break apart – it’s just the law of nature.

Your siding has a significant and challenging role because it serves as your home’s first defense against the weather – and in the Northwest, rain, snow, wind, and hale are regular headlines in the weather forecast. Cold, stormy winters and hot, sunny summers provide severe challenges to your siding – so you want your siding to be high quality and your siding repair to be most effective.

That’s why SFW Construction specializes in the most durable fiber cement siding by James Hardie. It’s also why we train our employees extensively and have crews of dedicated and experienced siding professionals who make our siding repair services top-of-the-line. Just check our ratings and reviews on Angie’s List or any other social media!

Reasons for Siding Repair:

  • Tears, cracks or dents in siding
  • Dry rot, wet rot or mold in siding
  • Siding is loose or falling apart
  • Water damage in wall systems or house
  • Energy bills higher than usual

Why Siding Repair is Crucial Home Maintenance

When your siding begins to break down several deleterious things can happen to your home. The first problem is that moisture will invade the interior wall systems of your home and can cause rot and mold. Rot leads to deterioration of your home’s structure and mold can cause or amplify respiratory problems. Moisture that finds its way into the internal areas of your home can cause water damage which represents significant problems.

Damaged siding simply doesn’t protect your home. It allows outside elements inside, which decreases your home’s energy efficiency and increases your energy bills. The longer you wait to repair damaged siding, the greater the damage to other internal portions of your home’s structure.

Benefits of Siding Repair:

  • Increases the curb appeal and value of your home
  • Preserves your home while extending its longevity
  • Protects your home structure from moisture, decay, rot and mold
  • Provides a layer of insulation and increases energy efficiency

Our Siding of Choice – Fiber Cement Siding

While we repair and install all kinds of siding – including vinyl, wood, stucco brick and metal – the siding of choice at SFW Construction is James Hardie fiber cement siding. We recommend this most highly because it is simply the most durable and substantial home siding available. It protects your home and outperforms other kinds of siding on every metric.

Professional Siding Repair & Siding Replacement

Whether you need siding repair vs. a siding replacement, the folks at SFW Construction can get the job done right. With years of experience and tons of talent, we are the general contractor for you. We’ve performed successful siding repair and siding replacement for customers throughout Oregon and Washington State. As Northwest natives, we are well aware of the turbulent weather and know how to fortify your home so it can stand up to the storm.

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