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    Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest area are wet. Water related siding repairs and maintenance are a fact of life in the greater PDX area.

    Even if it doesn’t rain everyday we still have a lot of moisture in the air. If old or damaged, or if your weather barrier is not properly installed, this moisture can get behind your siding and into the wood. This moisture will absorb into the wood products behind the siding. Particle board is cheap and unfortunately commonly used and highly susceptible to water damage. Moisture, If left untreated can lead to mold, fungus or even worse dry rot, which actually eats away at the wood.

    In many cases siding repair is enough of a solution. However, sometimes the water behind the siding didn’t come from siding related issues but actually from roof leaks around flashing or even from around windows.

    If your not sure what to look for or see obvious signs of water damage it’s a good idea to call a professional with the tools and expertise necessary to inspect and treat the siding properly.

    SFW Construction is a multi-location siding contractor with a Portland home base. We have several crews of safety trained and certified* siding installers. We are different from other siding contractors in that we perform time and material based work, and offer coupons and great financing options to get the work done fast and professionally without it affecting your day to day life.

    Does your Portland home need siding replacement?

    • Old siding.
    • Improperly installed siding.
    • Mold, Fungus or other respiratory health issues.
    • To update or restore your homes siding from vinyl or aluminum to a new better type of siding.
    • Increase value of home with new siding.
    • Cedar siding experience.
    • Matching missing siding through painting or replacements.
    • Not able to paint siding due to dry rot or other issues.

    Is siding repair or siding replacement better for my Portland home?

    It starts with a siding inspection. This process is not just visual in nature. You might need a ladder and some tools such as a screwdriver to probe the siding and go beyond simply looking at the siding.

    Start by inspecting all areas of the siding from a distance, paying close attention to any area that looks loose, damaged, cracked, not level, or has nails or screws protruding.

    After an initial walk around the house get closer and greater attention to any details you notice. Do you see mold or growth or something that does not belong? Is there visible damage from a storm or perhaps a tree limb that might have struck the home? Could water behind the siding possibly become frozen in the winter and caused damage? There are many things to look for visually. Upon closer inspection it is recommend that you test a few areas of siding by tapping on the siding for looseness, and ultimately inserting a sharp tool like a screw driver into the siding to test for rot.

    *SFW Constructions is Licensed Bonded and Insured and our carpenters are Dupont Tyvek and James Hardie Board Certified Installers.

    Checking for dry rot - SFW Construction LLC.

    As part of a siding inspection you are going to want to perform a penetration test with your finger, a knife or a screwdriver. If the material yields, you most likely have water damage from moisture trapped behind the paint or siding.

    What to do as part of a siding inspection.

    • Visually inspect exterior siding of home from a distance. 
    • Carefully inspect siding up close, making notes for anything that looks loose, damaged or visibly “off”. 
    • Probe any loose area, and then repeat with tools such as a knife or screwdriver. 
    • Look for screws or nails that protrude. 
    • Search for mold or discoloration or peeling paint, warps or cracks. 

    If all of your exterior siding does not pass a visual inspection you might want to consider hiring a professional siding repair contractor like SFW Construction.

    Buy your coupon today after that you can schedule your siding inspection work!

    Portland locals know that the busy season for the construction industry is summer, as we have the longest stretches with out rain, or less rain. This is why SFW Construction offers COUPONS to it’s customers to lock in price savings on siding repair and dry rot repair work.