Tigard Siding Repair

SFW Construction specializes in siding repair

SFW Construction is the go-to siding contractor for top-quality Tigard siding repairs.

Tigard homeowners know that SFW Construction LLC is the go-to contractor for top-quality siding repair. We’ve provided homeowners in Tigard, Oregon with long-lasting and affordable siding repair, siding installments and siding replacements for over a decade. Siding repair is an imperative home maintenance activity in Tigard, where the weather ranges from broiling hot summers to soggy wet and cold windy winters. Siding repair protects your home from wind and rain that tear away the exterior of your home and can result in moisture penetrating your home’s structure. Quality siding repair provides a waterproof and weatherproof shell to your home that keeps you warm and dry on the inside, the way you like it.

A Streamlined Approach to Siding Repair in Tigard, Oregon

Maintaining a home isn’t easy or cheap, but it’s very important to protect the place where you sleep and eat and live. So we work with you to find the most affordable solution to your siding repair needs. Our streamlined focus is, in a sense, like that of a dentist. We aren’t looking to extract all your existing siding and replace it with all new siding. Rather, we look for the damaged, dilapidated siding, remove that and replace it with new and effective siding – without replacing the siding that is still in good condition. This approach is the best because it saves you money and it saves us time.

Industry Leading Siding Repair Expertise

Our Tigard siding contractors entail the highest caliber siding materials installed by professionally trained and extensively experienced siding repair experts. We use the finest siding manufactured by James Hardie, and our siding repair experts are Hardie factory-trained and DuPont/Tyvek-certified. Our staple siding choice is a fiber cement blend constructed by James Hardie and made to look just like natural wood. We also use exotic cedar wood siding, which is extremely durable and weather-resistant, as well as stucco, brick, vinyl and metal siding.

Customer-Focused Work Ethic

While we are professionals in the siding repair industry, when we work on your home you are the boss! We take every precaution to care for your home and respect your involvement in the process. It’s a cooperative engagement because you have to live with the completed work – and we want you to be happy as pie when it’s done.

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