West Linn Siding Repair

SFW Construction specializes in West Linn siding repair

SFW Construction is the number one choice for a West Linn siding repair

With a climate that features roughly 5 inches of rain every month except during the summer, West Linn homeowners realize the value and necessity of protecting their homes with quality siding repairs. While the land in West Linn, Oregon is both scenic and pastoral, the weather is rugged with winds traveling from the mountains through the valley. Living in such a rainy and windy locale means home siding tends to get beat up pretty bad.

SFW Construction LLC provides the antidote to the abrasive impact of the weather with excellent and durable siding repair that safeguards your West Linn home from the weather, keeping you warm and dry on the inside while keeping the rain and wind on the outside.

Distinguished Craftmanship & Superb Materials

At SFW Construction LLC we offer you everything you need for extremely effective, durable and long-lasting siding repair. Our proficiency and expertise in siding repair is a result of our West Linn siding contractors being Hardie factory-trained and DuPont/Tyvek-certified – in addition to having lots of on-the-job training. Having been in business for 15 years, our West Linn siding contractors developed high standards and a strong work ethic to which we hold with every job.

For siding to last, the materials must be top-of-the-line, which is why we specialize in James Hardie fiber cement siding, the most reliable and enduring siding on the market. Fiber cement siding is constructed to resemble wood and comes in a variety of exterior finishes that we can match to your current siding if applicable. We also use exquisite cedar wood siding, which is highly weather-resistant, as well as vinyl, stucco, brick, and metal siding.

Affordable Top-of the-Line Repair

Instead of strong-arming our customers into getting full-scale siding installations or replacements, we streamline our siding repair work to make it affordable by conducting a thorough evaluation of your home and determining which particular siding areas are in need of repair. In other words, we repair only what actually needs to be repaired.

Dedicated Customer Service

An open line of honest and friendly communication is the central aspect of our customer-focused approach to siding repair. We realize the importance of your home and the significance of siding repair. It’s a big deal. So we do everything we can to make it as comfortable and smooth as possible.

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