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With a rich and varied history, Wilsonville has thousands of homes that have endured the turbulent northwest weather over decades of use. Maintaining the integrity of your Wilsonville home requires occasional siding repair work to fix damaged areas that can allow moisture to penetrate your home. SFW Construction Wilsonville siding contractors has conducted siding repair for over a decade with a commitment to preserving homes both new and old.

The Real Value of Siding

The purpose of a home is to have a place where we can be safe and protected from the outside world and the everchanging weather conditions. Most animals have a cave, nest or burrow where they do the same thing – attempt to stay safe and warm. Your siding is a crucial component in providing this most essential function of your home: keeping the outside out and the inside in.

Siding that is especially damaged can tear or break away from your home, leaving ruptures through which not only wind and rain but also small critters can sneak in too. Once that happens, the very structure of your home is in jeopardy as rain moisture can begin to deteriorate the framework of your home and critters will invariably roost, causing further damage. While this is somewhat unusual, it is what inevitably will happen if you don’t have siding repair on your home when you need it.

Siding repair provides more than a utilitarian function, it is also a way to beautify your home and increase its value. Invariably, over time your siding becomes weathered, so siding repair becomes an aspect of investing in your home – which in all likelihood is one of your largest assets. Whatever your reasons for seeking siding repair, SFW Construction Wilsonville siding contractors will do the job professionally and with great craftsmanship and customer service.

Customer Service Par Excellence

We cherish our customers so much that we were given the Angie’s List Super Service award in recognition of our efforts to provide outstanding customer service. While we take great pride in our craftsmanship, customer service is the foundation of everything we do. We appreciate the trust you put in us to repair your home and strive to express our respect and gratitude to our customers in every interaction.

Our top-notch siding repair work was recognized by HomeAdvisor when they listed us as a Top-Rated contractor – which means we have quite a reputation to live up to.

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