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Snoqualmie Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Snoqualmie Dry Rot Repair Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Snoqualmie dry rot repair. Surrounded by lush green trees and mountains, Snoqualmie is a wonderful place to live. However, in addition to the beautiful foliage, the wet climate presents problems such as dry rot to homeowners. Fortunately, SFW Construction is available to assist homeowners in removing this potentially damaging home intruder.

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How Dry Rot Can Decay Your Home

Caused by a wood fungus that feeds on moist or damp wood, dry rot can take hold in the healthy wood of your home. Once it does, it begins a long slow process of decay that ends in complete dilapidation of wood surfaces and structures. Dry rot is actually the term for the damage caused by the wood fungus which corrodes healthy wood by devouring the properties that make wood strong and firm and durable. In the end, once the fungus has completely pervaded the wood, what remains is wood that cracks, crumbles and falls apart easily.

What You Can Do to Stop The Spread Of Dry Rot In Your Home

In order to completely resolve the problem of dry rot, the wood fungus that causes it must be eradicated entirely from the wood structures and surfaces of your Snoqualmie home. To do this requires a fairly advanced dry rot removal strategy. If all the microscopic spores that generate the fungus are not removed, it will likely continue and create new areas of wood rot in your Snoqualmie home.

For these reasons, removing dry rot and repairing the wood structures and surfaces in your home is most effectively accomplished by a professional Snoqualmie dry rot repair specialist. SFW Construction is a full-scale general contractor that has conducted dry rot inspection, dry rot repair, and structural restoration work in Snoqualmie for over a decade.

Snoqualmie Dry Rot
Snoqualmie Dry Rot

Professional Dry Rot Repair

Often times, dry rot damages the wood in your home so severely that it needs to be repaired. SFW Construction provides a wide array of repair services, including siding repair, roofing, general carpentry, and structural restoration. While we do our best to preserve the existing wood in your home, we are able to provide any kind of home repair or construction work necessary to restore your home to safety and health.

Common Signs Of Dry Rot Include:

  • Wood that is discolored, darker than usual or warped.
  • A peculiar odor like wet soil, humus or fungus in wooded areas of your home.
  • Flooring that is irregular with areas that are concave and sink when walked upon.
  • Wood that is cracked, crumbling or breaking apart.
  • Strange growths that look like cobwebs, mushrooms or cotton on wood.

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