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Issaquah Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Issaquah Dry Rot Repair And Replacement Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Issaquah dry rot repair. Dry rot is a serious problem for Issaquah homeowners. The Pacific Northwest presents a lush and wet environment in which dry rot is very common. Fortunately, getting high-quality professional help is just a phone call away. SFW Construction has provided expert Issaquah dry rot removal and home repair services for over a decade. Call today for a free consultation!

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The Problem Of Dry Rot

Dry rot is very problematic as it is caused by a wood fungus that feeds on wet or moist wood, decaying the wood to the point that it cracks, crumbles and falls apart. Wood rot in such a state of dilapidation is not effective for making a stable or secure structure for your Issaquah home. Even worse, the wood fungus that causes wood rot will spread throughout the healthy wood in your Issaquah home until it is eradicated.

Professional Dry Rot Removal

Professional dry rot removal requires expertise in knowing how to extract all of the wood fungi that causes dry rot – right down to the microscopic spores from which it comes. If all of the wood fungi is not removed, it will likely continue to eat away at your healthy wood and cause dry rot to occur in previously unaffected wood.
SFW Construction is a professional Issaquah dry rot removal and home restoration company. Because we are a licensed general contractor, we can address all problems associated with dry rot, including siding repair, structural repair and restoration, and roof repair. Having one company attend to all the issues wrought by the dry rot problem in your home saves you time, money and hassle. It is also the most cost-effective way to ensure that your home is as healthy and safe as possible.

Issaquah Dry Rot
Issaquah Dry Rot

Common Signs & Symptoms Of Dry Rot

Homeowners with dry rot in their homes will usually notice one or more of several common symptoms of dry rot. Changes in the appearance of wood surfaces or structures – such as discolored, loose or softer than normal wood – are typical. Wood in your home that appears to have cobwebs, cotton or a mushroom-like growth is a very good indication of dry rot. Wood with a dank, musty or mildewy smell is also prevalent as dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that may emit such odors.

Wood rot can occur in both interior and exterior areas of your  Issaquah home, most commonly in wood that is exposed to wet or moist conditions.

Contact SFW Construction for a free consultation about dry rot in your home! We can help to rid your home of dry rot and restore it to a healthy and safe condition for you and your family.

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