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Sammamish Dry Rot

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Dry rot is a tricky problem with which many Sammamish homeowners must contend. Thriving in wet climates, Sammamish provides the perfect environment for the wood fungus that produces dry rot. While dry rot can cause significant harm to your home, it is easily treatable by trained dry rot professionals. SFW Construction LLC provides Sammamish dry rot repair and removal services that are cost-effective and reliable. Contact us today for a free consultation!

How Dry Rot Occurs

Dry rot is a condition of wood that results from a wood fungus that feeds and breeds on healthy wood. The wood fungus slowly takes over and invades the wood, consuming the aspect of healthy wood that makes it firm and strong. In the end, the wood assumes the dried out condition known as dry rot, in which it easily breaks apart, cracks and crumbles. Wood in such a condition is not fit for use in the surfaces or structures of your home, and must be repaired to ensure your safety.

Dry Rot Repair and Structural Restoration

Dry rot is a pernicious and progressive problem that must be addressed to be stopped. If left untreated, the wood fungus that causes dry rot continuously spreads to new areas of healthy wood. SFW Construction LLC is an experienced Sammamish dry rot removal specialist with years of success helping homeowners to resolve this challenging issue.

As a full scale general contractor we are well-positioned to deal with any and all issues associated with dry rot. Because dry rot decays healthy wood it can result in dilapidated siding, compromised interior structures, and disintegrated roofing under loose shingles. With years of construction experience, we provide siding repair, structural restoration and roofing services that you can rely on. Also, having one company address all the problems caused by dry rot saves you time, money and hassle.

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Rot

  • A dank, musty odor in wooded areas of your home.
  • Strange cotton-like or cobweb-looking growths on wood.
  • Wood has become discolored, darker than normal, or is coming loose.
  • Floor has areas that sink in when walked upon (dry rot may be underneath).
  • Mushroom growths on dried out wood.
  • Rusty reddish spores on wood surfaces.

Dry rot can occur in interior and exterior areas of your home, any place that is constructed of wood and exposed to moisture or wet conditions. Prominent areas inside your home include the countertops, floors and walls of the bathroom and kitchen. Common areas outside include the wood areas around gutters, around window and door frames, and under loose shingles. However, dry rot can also occur under floorboards, in attics and crawl spaces.

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