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Keizer Dry Rot

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Keizer homeowners who enjoy the lush Pacific Northwest environment must also contend with an exceedingly rainy climate that promotes the problem of dry rot in their homes. Dry rot is a destructive condition that can deteriorate the wood surfaces and structures in your home; however, it is treatable. SFW Construction LLC has provided expert Keizer dry rot removal and repair services for over a decade. If you’ve got dry rot in your home we can help. Call today for a free phone consultation!

Why Dry Rot is so Threatening to Your Keizer Home

Dry rot is a condition of decay in previously healthy wood that has been invaded by the wood fungus that promotes dry rot. Like most fungi, this particular wood fungus thrives on wood that is wet or moist—which is why it is so prevalent in Keizer, Oregon and throughout the Northwest. Once dry rot has inhabited wood surfaces or structures in your home, it consumes the aspect of wood that makes it strong and firm—the result is deteriorated wood that cracks, crumbles, and falls apart. Wood in such a state of dilapidation cannot function to keep your home safe, and this is why it’s so important to address dry rot.

What You Can Do to Address Dry Rot in Your Home

While Keizer homeowners who reside in the state of Oregon tend to be industrious, the problem of dry rot is one that is best addressed by trained professionals. The wood fungus that causes dry rot is spawned from microscopic spores that must be detected and eradicated from your home in order to eliminate the dry rot altogether. Also, dry rot tends to cause structural damage to your home that may necessitate construction and structural restoration work.

SFW Construction LLC is a top-rated dry rot repair specialist in Keizer, Oregon. Our professional Keizer dry rot removal services are part of our larger general contractor and construction company—which means we are completely equipped to repair any and all damages to your home that may have been caused by dry rot. Dry rot can often times invade siding as well as the structure and roof of your home. SFW Construction LLC provides professional siding repair and complete home renovation services, so we can address these issues if you have them.

Identifying Dry Rot in Your Home

Because it is caused by a fungus, dry rot tends to take hold in wet or moist wood surfaces or structures, such as are found in the bathroom and kitchen. Exterior areas of your home that meet the criteria of wood plus wet are also prime locations for dry rot, including areas around windows and doors, the roof under loose shingles and wood around gutters.

Symptoms of dry rot include wood surfaces that are dark, discolored, cracked, loose or shrinking. Squeaky floors that “give” when walked may indicate dry rot in the baseboards or crawl spaces. Mildew or musty odors indicate fungus and dry rot, as does cobweb, cotton or mushroom-like growths appear on wood surfaces.

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