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McMinnville Dry Rot

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Located in the Pacific Northwest rainforest, McMinnville is a place inundated with rain throughout the year, which makes it a prime spot for dry rot to invade homes. While dry rot is a very destructive condition, it is also easily treatable when addressed by skilled professionals. With years of successful experience in extracting dry rot and restoring homes to good health, SFW Construction LLC is the most prominent McMinnville dry rot specialists on the market. Call today for a free phone consultation!

McMinnville Dry Rot Specialists

Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is the term used for wood that is in a state of deterioration and decay. Such wood has lost its natural coherence and strength, and tends to crack, crumble and fall apart. Dry rot is caused by a pernicious wood fungus that eats away at wood that is moist or wet – thus it often thrives in the wet and rainy McMinnville climate. Once the dry rot fungus has invaded healthy wood it tends to eat away mercilessly, spreading throughout whatever wood it can find and wreaking havoc in the process.

Dry rot extraction is crucial to restore the wood surfaces and structures of your home to health. Like tooth decay, all of the dry rot fungus must be eradicated from the wood in order for the dry rot to be eliminated from your home. Attempting to remove dry rot without sufficient training is probably not the best idea as it will likely reoccur unless treated professionally.

McMinnville Dry Rot Repair Professional

SFW Construction LLC is well-equipped and proficient at removing dry rot from McMinnville homes. As a general contractor we are able to address any issues caused by dry rot, such as siding repair, home remodeling, and roof work. Our comprehensive services save you time, money and hassle insofar as getting the job done right and completely.

If you think you have dry rot in your home, call us for a free phone consultation to discuss your situation. We can schedule an in-home inspection to investigate the problem with you and devise a workable plan. Because dry rot is a progressive and deteriorating condition, it’s best to address it sooner rather than later in order to minimize the damage done to your home and your bank account!

Identifying Dry Rot

Most homeowners notice dry rot symptoms in the kitchen or bathroom, places where there tends to be excessive moisture. Because of this, dry rot is also common in exterior portions of homes, such as the wood around gutters, frames around windows and doors, and the roof under loose shingles. Any changes in the color, odor or functionality of wood structures are a sign you might have dry rot.

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