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Astoria Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Astoria Dry Rot Repair Throughout Clatsop County, Oregon

Since 2005, SFW Construction has been Astoria, Oregon’s Premier dry rot repair contractor. We are experts in conducting targeted dry rot repairs, resulting in a like-new look at a cost-effective price. The Pacific Northwest is wet, and the Oregon coast is the most humid region in our state. Any open-source in your home’s water barrier can let moisture gain access to the structure of your home and cause dry rot, brown rot, or wood rot to form. Moisture intrusions most often occur from construction defects, failed exterior paint, failed siding, or window or door leaks. Once dry rot has started, it can move fast, affecting large portions of your most significant investment, your home.  SFW Construction is a highly-trusted General Contractor in the Astoria area who can assist you through the repair experience.

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What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fast-acting fungus that consumes wood structures and causes them to become brittle and weak. If the construction of your Astoria homes is exposed to the dry rot fungi, the rot can spread quickly with little moisture present. This makes identifying dry rot difficult before its spreads and even harder to predict.

Where Can Dry Rot Be Found?

As dry rot can infiltrate your home via interior and exterior sources and infest any wood structure. It can be found anywhere in your home. Dry rot is more likely to be where moisture is likely to be present, but you can find it in posts, beams, kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, deck framing, deck boards, eaves, roofs, near damaged gutters, foundations, sill plates, window and door framing, siding, cripple walls and crawl spaces, among others. Spotting rot is not always easy, but there are some things you can look for.

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Dry Rot

Signs That You May Have A Wood Rot Problem:

  • Wood beginning to shrink, darken, or crack.

  • You can easily penetrate wood surfaces with a screw driver.

  • A musty odor present. Dry rot thrives in damp environments and a musty smell is an indicator of dry rot.

  • Wood surfaces are covered in something resembling the skin of a mushroom, or mold.

  • Floors, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen, feel “springy” or creak when you walk on them.

What You Should Do If You Notice One, Or Many, Of These Conditions?

If any of these signs are present, it’s imperative that you arrange to have a dry rot expert take a look. Ignoring it just means the rot is likely to spread and a relatively minor issue can turn into a major one–with major associated costs! Your first call should be to SFW Construction. What sets SFW Construction apart from other contractors is our proficiency and willingness to perform high-quality repair work.

About Us

At SFW Construction, we pride ourselves on treating our customer’s homes as if they are our own homes. SFW Construction can perform a targeted dry rot repair on your Astoria area home, removing the affected material and preventing dry rot’s ability to return. After the repairs are completed, we have a full-service paint department, SFW Painting, who can handle any of your painting needs.

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Wood decay can be a big problem for both new and experienced homeowners but particularly plagues those of us who live in the often damp Pacific Northwest. Despite its colloquial name, dry rot is most often caused by communities of fungi growing in wood with high moisture saturation.

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The garage feels like a distinctly American component of the modern home. It’s a place you can park your car, store your extra stuff, do the laundry, or even convert into a shop or casual hang-out space. However you use it, the garage is also the unique part of your home that marks the transition between the outside world and the inner sanctity of your dwelling, which makes it especially susceptible to garage rot – areas where wood surfaces and structures are rotting.

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Being in business since 2005, we often hear from clients that we are the only contractors who offered a lasting solution to water damage. Whether a customer has wood rot, a leaking window, window replacement, skylight repair, and/or other water damage occur to their house we are able to identify the targeted problem and solve the issue restoring your home to it's natural state or better.