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Lincoln City Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Lincoln City Dry Rot Repair Throughout Lincoln County, Oregon

SFW Construction is a highly-skilled dry rot repair contractor serving Lincoln City, Oregon. SFW Construction has been Lincoln City’s go-to dry rot repair specialist since 2005. Our expert carpenters can conduct a central-located targeted repair, resulting in a like-new look without an expensive price tag. The Lincoln City area receives a large amount of rain and is one of the most humid regions in the state of Oregon. Having just a small compromise in your home’s weather barrier can create a pathway for moisture to infiltrate your home’s structure and cause dry rot to form. Condensation and humidity most often enter your home through construction defects, failed siding, window or door leaks, or failing exterior paint. Once dry rot has begun to attack your home, it can move quickly, affecting large amounts of your most substantial investment, your beach home.

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What Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is a fast-acting fungus that feeds off of your home’s wood structures. Dry rot can cause affected materials to become brittle, weak, and unsafe. If dry rot has affected your Lincoln City home, the damage can multiply quickly with little moisture present.

Where Can Dry Rot Be Found?

Dry rot can infest any wood structure in your home’s interior or exterior. It can be found anywhere in your home. Dry rot is often located near a moisture source, but you can find dry rot in posts, kitchen and bathroom floors, roofs, near damaged gutters, deck framing, deck boards, beams, soffits, eaves, foundations, window or doors, framing, sill plates, siding, and crawl spaces, among others. The distinct signs of rot are not always evident; below are some of the most common symptoms you may have dry rot.

Renton Dry Rot
Lake Forest Park Dry Rot

What Are The Signs You May Have A Wood Rot Problem:

  • Wood beginning to shrink, darken, or crack.

  • Wood surfaces can easily be penetrated with a screwdriver.

  • You observe A musty odor. Dry rot requires moisture to grow

  • Wood surfaces resemble the skin of a mushroom or mold.

  • Floors near windows, bathrooms, kitchens, creak or feel soft when you walk on them.

What You Should Do If You Notice One, Or Many, Of These Conditions?

If you observe any of these symptoms in your homes, call a professional dry rot specialist, if you decide to wait, the rot is likely to expand.  Once the dry rot starts to spread, a small issue can become a costly major repair! Your first call should be to SFW Construction, your local Lincoln city dry rot repair specialist.

About Us

At SFW Construction, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. SFW Construction only used high-quilty materials installed by highly-skilled carpenters.  We can conduct a dry rot repair on your Lincoln City area home, removing the rot and stop its ability to come back. After the repairs, we have a full-service paint department, SFW Painting, who can help refresh your homes look and curb appeal.

Lincoln City Dry Rot Blog

How Dangerous Is Dry Rot?

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Dry rot is a widespread problem for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest. Often dry rot is hard to notice or detect because it tends to occur in the hidden inner structures of your home: beneath floorboards, inside crawl spaces, and behind walls.

Repairing Rotted Wood Around Your Garage

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The garage feels like a distinctly American component of the modern home. It’s a place you can park your car, store your extra stuff, do the laundry, or even convert into a shop or casual hang-out space. However you use it, the garage is also the unique part of your home that marks the transition between the outside world and the inner sanctity of your dwelling, which makes it especially susceptible to garage rot – areas where wood surfaces and structures are rotting.