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SFW Construction is the premier contractor for dry rot repair Seaside, Oregon. Through the course of many years’ experience, SFW construction has become the most proficient, awarded, and recognized contractor in Oregon for dry rot repair.

Oregon is wet, and the coast is the wettest region in our state. Dry rot, brown rot, or wood rot is primarily caused by on open source of moisture. Moisture intrusions primarily occur from construction defects, failed exterior paint, or a long term leak. These intrusions can cause devastating damage to your home through the wood rot process. SFW Construction LLC, one of the Oregon Coasts most trusted General Contractors, can help navigate you through the repair experience.

“They paid careful attention to preparing the work site so it would affect as little of the rest of the house as possible. The workers were all extremely prompt and polite. The finished product has exceeded our expectations.”

Julie Bosket, Tualatin, Oregon

“Great experience!!! Steve and his crew were professional, available and completed the job timely. I love the outcome and confidently refer him to everyone else.”

Misty C, Tigard, Oregon

“I would recommend Steve Wade to everyone. From start to finish, he will not only perform beyond your expectation but he will be a reliable guide through what can be complicated repairs/remodels to your home. Here is what you can expect: 1) He will help you make a detailed plan and if you are not sure about what you want, he will help by providing options 2) He will give you a detailed estimate that will include material and labor costs and he will be 100% accurate 3) He will show up on time, work incredibly efficiently and complete your project on time 4) He will maintain a level of professionalism that will give you peace of mind 5) The finished product will meet/exceed your expectation”

Linda H, Eugene, Oregon

“The end result was flawless. I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of work completed. I could not have asked for a better job! As a result, I recommended SFW to my boss. My boss used SFW Construction to paint her home, and she was equally pleased with SFW construction.”

Jeromy G, Tigard, Oregon

“Steve was great to work with! He did an excellent job on my exterior painting project, showing up on time and putting in the extra effort needed to make my house look new again. He was a good communicator and reliable.”

Karen N, Tigard, Oregon

“I would recommend them to anybody, I am now enjoying the high quality of their work and my friends have complemented me on the quality of the paint job.”

Gerald W, Portland, Oregon

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So, what is dry rot, and how can it be affecting your home? Rot is the leading cause of damage in wood structures in and around the Seaside Area. Dry rot which can also be called brown rot, wet rot, or sometimes wood rot can devastate structures, and has been known to cause mold and mildew. Dry rot does not need an obvious source of moisture to continue to grow and damage your home. This makes identifying dry rot difficult prior to its spreading and even harder to predict. As the fungi grows it eats away at the wood leaving it dark and crumbly, devoid of structural integrity. It can actually be crushed into small fragments or powder with little to no force. When dry rot begins to spread within a structure, it will not stop until the moisture intrusion has been identified and repaired and the active fungi has been re-mediated.

Seaside Dry Rot
Dry Rot

At SFW Construction we know how to perform dry rot repair in Seaside, Oregon. It is our mission is to help Oregonians keep their families dry and safe, as well as make lasting and meaningful repairs to their homes. When you want to protect your Oregon Coast residence call SFW Construction. We perform dry rot repairs in Seaside, Astoria, Gearhart, Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Rockaway Beach, Tillamook, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Newport, and parts of the Southern Washington Coast as well…including Long Beach Peninsula, Ocean Shores, and Westport.

Seaside’s SFW Construction Has A Painting Division; SFW Painting

As construction contractors, we handle the repairs–like siding, dry rot, or anything else construction-related. Once we are done if you have any painting projects SFW Painting can handle your needs.