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Gig Harbor Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Gig Harbor Dry Rot Repair Throughout Pierce County, Washington

SFW Construction has been helping homeowners to protect their homes with top-notch dry rot repair since 2005. Life in Gig Harbor is pretty sweet! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t hardships to face for homeowners. Wood rot is a pervasive problem that is propagated by the typically wet climate in Gig Harbor. Caused by a wood fungus that leads to decay in the wood surfaces and structures of your home, dry rot represents a serious threat to the integrity of your home. Fortunately, it is easily treated by trained professionals. SFW Construction is an experienced and recognized Gig Harbor dry rot removal and repair service.

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Indications Your Gig Harbor Home May Have Dry Rot

If you are wondering whether your Gig Harbor home has wood rot, there are a few common symptoms to look for. In general, any unusual odor or appearance in the wood surfaces or structures of your home, as well as any significant changes in the functionality of home components made of wood (such as door, floors, cupboards), may all indicate dry rot.

Here Is A List Of The Most Common Symptoms Of Dry Rot:

  • A musty odor resembling wet soil, humus, fungus or mildew.
  • A growth of tiny reddish spores on wood surfaces.
  • Wood that has a web of lines, looks like cotton or has mushroom growths on it.
  • Wood that is discolored, appears to be shrinking or is becoming loose.
  • Flooring with areas that form depressions (sink in) when walked upon.
Gig Harbor Dry Rot

Professional Dry Rot Inspection & Eradication For Your Gig Harbor Home

If you think your home may have dry rot, or has been affected by the wood fungus that causes it, call SFW Construction today. We provide cost-affordable in-home inspections to fully diagnose your home for dry rot. If found, we work closely with you to develop a dry rot removal and repair plan that fits your budget and corresponds with your schedule.

SFW Construction is a full-scale general contractor that provides intensive professional Gig Harbor dry rot removal and repair services. Our skilled workers are also carpenters and craftsmen who are robustly experienced in structural restoration work, siding repair and roofing. Dry rot can inflict significant damage upon your home that may result in dilapidation which requires structural work to fix. We can complete this for you in a manner that saves you time, money, and hassle.

Critical Nature Of Dry Rot Repair

Wood rot is a progressive condition that spreads throughout any moist or wet wood in your Gig Harbor home, inflicting increasing damage upon your home’s wood structures as it advances. So it’s best to catch it early so damages and cost of repairs are minimized. Once detected, the wood fungus that causes dry rot must be removed entirely, down to each and every microscopic spore, in order to completely eradicate the cause of dry rot in your home. And this is definitely a job best done by professionals.

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