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Puyallup Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Puyallup Dry Rot Repair Throughout Pierce County, Washington

SFW Construction is the leading contractor for dry rot repair and structural repair in Puyallup Washington since 2005. Puyallup homeowners are a rugged bunch. You have to be to maintain a home in the rural Pacific Northwest, where problems like dry rot assail homeowners regularly. Caused by a wood fungus, dry rot can inflict permanent damage upon the wood structure of your home. Fortunately, SFW Construction has provided dry rot repair in Puyallup for over a decade and can help struggling homeowners eradicate this serious problem from their homes. What sets SFW Construction apart from other companies is that we specialize in offering final solutions to dry rot, wood rot, and fungal growth colonies.

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How Wood Dry Rot Can Invade And Decay Your Home

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that is prevalent in Puyallup as it feeds on wet, damp or moist sources of wood that are abundant in the rainy Northwest climate. The wood fungus can spawn on any wood in your home that is exposed regularly to moisture or humidity, as is common in the kitchen and bathroom as well as around windows and doors. Beginning as a sheen of tiny reddish spores, the wood fungus proceeds to permeate and decay the wood in your home. In fact, it will not usually stop until completely eradicated.

In advanced stages, the wood fungus causes the state known as dry rot, a condition in which the wood structures and surfaces of your home are decayed and dilapidated. Such wood is not fit to provide stability for your home and must be repaired.

Puyallup Dry Rot
Puyallup Dry Rot

Professional Dry Rot Repair And Structural Restoration

SFW Construction provides expert Puyallup dry rot removal and repair services for homeowners. As a licensed general contractor, we are fully skilled and experienced at performing the whole range of repairs necessary to remove the wood rot, along with the fungus that causes it and restores your Puyallup home to a state of structural integrity and safety. In advanced stages, dry rot can cause damage throughout your home—as such, siding repair, carpentry, and roofing work may be necessary.

If you think your home may have dry rot, call us today. We’ll schedule an in-home inspection to examine your home with you. If dry rot is found, we’ll create a repair plan that works with your budget and schedule. The goal is to restore your home to safety for you and your family.

Dry Rot Repair Puyallup Signs & Symptoms

The most common indications that your Puyallup home has wood rot include any significant changes in the visual appearance, functionality or odor of wood structures or surfaces in your home.

Indications of dry rot include:

  • An unusual musty odor that smells like fungus, wet soil or humus.
  • Flooring that becomes concave and sinks in when walked on.
  • Tiny reddish spores spread across wood surfaces.
  • Wood that is dark and discolored, cracked or appears to be shrinking.
  • Wood that has strange growths resembling mushrooms, cotton or cobwebs.
  • Wood that crumbles and falls apart easily when weight or pressure is applied.

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