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Located in the heart of the Puget Sound in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Bremerton is a gorgeous place to own a home. However, maintaining the integrity of your Bremerton home becomes challenging when your home is invaded by dry rot—a condition that compromises the structural durability of the wood in your home. Although dry can be destructive to your home, it is easily treatable when you have the professional skills and experience. SFW Construction LLC is an established Bremerton dry rot repair and removal company serving the area for over a decade.

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Indications Your Bremerton Home May Have Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that invades and feeds upon healthy wood that is moist or damp. The wood fungus tends to emit an odor that resembles that of wet, earthy soil or mushrooms, and is musty. Because the wood fungus devours the properties of healthy wood that make it firm and strong, dry rot is also marked by changes in the appearance of wood. Wood invaded by dry rot often appears dark or discolored, or may be cracked. Signature cues for dry rot also includes wood that appears to have growths that resemble cotton, cobwebs or mushrooms.

Frequent signs of dry rot include:

  • An earthy, soil-like or musty mushroom odor caused by the dry rot wood fungus.
  • Rusty, reddish spores on wood surfaces.
  • Growths that look like mushrooms, cobwebs or cotton on wood.
  • Wood surfaces or structures that have shrunk, become loose or no longer function properly.
  • Cracks in wood or wood that crumbles and is in a state of decay.
  • Flooring that has areas that are concave and “give” when walked on.

Professional Dry Rot Removal & Repair

Removing dry rot and the wood fungus that causes it from your home is an intensive procedure best conducted by trained professionals. In order to fully stop the spread of dry rot, the wood fungus must be entirely eradicated – right down to the microscopic spores from which it is born. Once this is accomplished, the dry rot itself must be removed and the affected wood structures repaired.

SFW Construction LLC is a professional Bremerton dry rot removal and repair service as well as a fully licensed general contractor with years of experience in all forms of carpentry, home building and structural restoration work. If caught in its earlier stages dry rot may not require much structural renovation, but the more advanced it becomes the more damage it inflicts upon your home structure. As a fully knowledgeable and experienced construction company, SFW Construction LLC is equipped to provide any home restoration services you may need to address your dry rot problem, from structural carpentry to siding repair to roofing.

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