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Tacoma Dry Rot Repair

We Extract Damaged Wood And Seamlessly Integrate New Wood

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SFW Construction Specializes In Tacoma Dry Rot Repair Throughout Pierce County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Tacoma dry rot repair. Located on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma is a small city with a large amount of rain and moisture in the air. Due to the predominantly wet environment, it is common for Tacoma homeowners to experience the problem of dry rot. If left untreated, dry rot can cause significant damage to your home; however, this threatening nuisance is easily eradicated by trained professionals. SFW Construction is a professional Tacoma dry rot repair and removal expert that can perform this work expertly and in a cost affordable manner.

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Professional Tacoma Dry Rot Repair

SFW Construction provides experienced and highly reputable Tacoma dry rot repair services that remove all dry rot, along with the wood fungus which causes it, from your home. Wood rot is not an easy fix—to eliminate it entirely from your Tacoma home requires eradicating all of the fungi that cause it, right down to the microscopic spores from which the fungus is spawned. The fungus that causes dry rot feeds on sources of moist or damp wood, so this situation should also be resolved to avoid the problem of dry rot reoccurring in your home.

After the fungus and the wood damaged by dry rot are removed, your home may necessitate repairs, including carpentry, structural restoration, siding repair, and roofing work. As an established general contractor, SFW Construction conducts these kinds of home construction work (and more) on a regular basis. All this is to say, we can perform any home repair you may need to address dry rot damage—which saves you the time, money, and hassle of looking for an outside company.

Tacoma Dry Rot
Tacoma Dry Rot

Addressing Dry Rot Is A Critical Task

Dry rot is a progressive condition that inflicts an increasing amount of decay and dilapidation upon the wood structures and surfaces of your Tacoma the longer it is left untreated. Treating dry rot sooner rather than later will also save you on the cost of dry rot repair work. If you think your home might have wood rot, why not safeguard its integrity and the well-being of your family by having your home inspected for dry rot today?

Common Indications Your Tacoma Home Has Dry Rot

While dry rot can have multiple effects upon the wood structures and surfaces in your home, several of these are most common. In general, dry rot symptoms include any significant changes in the visual appearance, odor or functionality of the wood in your home.

The Most Prevalent Dry Rot Symptoms Include:

  • Wood that has a fungus-like odor that is musty or resembles humus.
  • Cotton, cobweb or mushroom growths on previously normal wood.
  • Areas of flooring that are concave or sink in when walked on.
  • Wood that appears to be shrinking, coming loose or malfunctioning.
  • Reddish spores spread out across wood surfaces.
  • Wood that is cracked, crumbling or breaking apart.

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