Shoreline Siding Repair

SFW Construction specializes in siding repair

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Shoreline siding repair.

Located adjacent to the Puget Sound, Shoreline is a picturesque place to live. It’s also a place that features sudden and dramatic changes in weather, with lots of rain and wind. Intense northwest rainforest weather wears down even the best siding eventually and puts the structure of your home in jeopardy as moisture can seep through and inflict unseen damage. For these reasons, home siding repair is a crucial strategy for homeowners to maintain the integrity, safety, and value of their homes.

Dependable Siding Repair with a Smile

It takes a certain knack to be really good at what you do and really enjoy doing it, while also consistently making customers happy. But that’s exactly what we’ve achieved at SFW Construction LLC over the past 15 years of protecting your home with expert and always friendly Shoreline siding repair.

What Makes Us So Good at What We Do?

After 15 years of siding repair construction in Shoreline, Washington and throughout the northwest we’ve learned a thing or two. Our recipe for success is simple, but it’s very important to have all the ingredients. (Just one or two won’t cut it.)

#1: Quality Craftmanship.

For your siding repairs to precise and effective, the siding repair specialist must be highly skilled and very experienced. All our Shoreline siding contractors are trained by the Hardie factory and DuPont/Tyvek-certified – which means they undergo the most intensive training available for siding repair work. Our Shoreline siding contractors are also extensively trained through on-the-job experience. In truth, most of our workers are highly accomplished siding repair specialists before they even come to us and among the best in the industry.

#2: High-Caliber Materials.

We use the best siding materials, mainly fiber cement siding manufactured by James Hardie so that your siding repair lasts as long as possible. Exquisite and weatherproof cedar wood siding is also available, as are vinyl, brick, stucco, and metal siding.

#3: Friendly Customer Service.

We value clear and honest communication that enables us to work together effectively and in a spirit of kindness and neighborly compassion. At the bottom, we’re really just helping each other. That’s what it’s all about.

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