Dry Rot Repairs

We are currently remodeling Tom & Teresa Davis master bathroom and hall bathroom.  We have layed down ram board to protect the entry way tiles from being damaged.  We have installed a plastic wrap over the carpet between the entry was and the bathroom to protect the carpet from damage.  We are starting in the master bathroom.  At this point everything has been removed from the bathroom and the floor was damaged from dry rot.  The inside of the shower was also damaged from dry rot.  The dry rot inside of the shower came from a fence post that was improperly bolted through the siding.  The holes allowed water to leak through the siding, underlayment, and the plywood.  We removed and replaced the plywood, underlayment, and siding, fixing all of the dry rot.  We painted the exterior where the siding was replaced.  We had Power Plumbing come out and replace the shower unit; they installed it with a new mixer valve.  Tom Davis is doing all of the electrical work himself.  Tom ran wires from the panel to both bathrooms for the radiant floor heating; he fished the wires into the wall and cut an opening for both wires.  All of the dry wall was repaired flawlessly and we primed and painted the interior of the bathroom.  Our next step is to install Hardie backer tile backer board and then a radiant floor heating mat.  We should have the tiles in later this week.

Parr lumber is providing the custom cabinets for both bathrooms and the owner has decided to go with one piece granite countertops for both bathrooms.  The owner has also decided to install a glass shower door around the unit.  The owners are happy with the progress on this project and the bathroom is looking really good.