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What Are Construction Defects?

Construction defects in home building and renovation projects typically fall within one of three categories: design, workmanship, or materials. Construction defects become apparent when they cause a home component to fail or a problem in the practical functionality of an aspect of your home. For instance, a window replacement job should not result in moisture seeping through the frame around your window—if it does, then the window was poorly installed and not properly flashed.

In purely legalist terms, construction defects cause damages to a person or their property for which contractors, designers, or material manufacturers can be financially liable. While this blog will not focus on the legal repercussions of construction defects, it explores the practical implications of construction defects and how to avoid them with competent workmanship.

What Causes A Construction Defect?

Construction defects resulting from errors in home design regard improper blueprints or construction plans that don’t implement proper home construction or renovation guidelines. Before you embark on a home renovation project make sure you hire a competent designer.

Construction defects in materials simply arise from defective home building materials that don’t function properly or wear down too quickly. The quick fix for this is to only use high-quality materials with excellent reviews and ratings. Defects in materials will inevitably occur over time as various components of your home—including the siding, paint, and roofing—simply wear down and must be repaired or replaced.

Construction defects caused by workmanship occur when construction or home repair professionals fail to properly follow product installation guidelines or fail to use home construction or renovation best practices. Workmanship defects are all too common as they are caused by incompetent or careless construction and home repair. That’s why it’s essential to hire a company like SFW Construction who has a proven track record of outstanding, cost-efficient, and long-lasting renovation and repair work.

Much of the work we do at SFW Construction is home renovation and repair that addresses construction defects. We’ve seen just about every kind of defect a home and can, and are equipped with a solid plan to repair, replace, or renovate whatever aspect of your home needs attention.

Standard Of Care

Construction professionals are expected to adhere to a “Standard of Care” that ensures all work is performed competently and effectively to achieve the intended purpose for which the homeowner hired the construction agency. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), contractors are required to:

  • Visit and become familiar with the construction and local conditions;
  • Review contract documents to properly perform onsite work;
  • Perform construction work in accordance with professional standards of workmanship.

These are reasonable professional obligations for contractors—unfortunately, some contractors fail to meet them.

Construction Workmanship Defects Include:

  • Improperly installed or repaired siding/stucco
  • Improperly painted surfaces
  • Improper weatherproofing
  • Improperly installed window flashing
  • Lack of window flashing
  • Improperly installed wall systems
  • Improperly installed weather-resistant barriers
  • Improper home framing
  • Improper window installation or repair

Construction defects cover a very broad range of problems that result in your home not functioning as well as it should. Fixing construction defects such as those listed above will help to preserve your home, maintain its structural integrity, keep you safe and comfortable inside your home, and increase your home’s longevity and market value. Fortunately, construction defects caused by poor workmanship or dilapidating materials can be readily fixed by hiring a competent home repair specialist.

Professional Home Repair & Renovation

Having served satisfied homeowners throughout Oregon and Washington State for over a decade, SFW Construction is the premier Northwest home construction and renovation company. As a licensed general contractor we provide full-scale home construction services, including home renovation, carpentry, siding repair, and replacement, weatherproofing, roofing, and both interior and exterior painting.

SFW Construction outperforms the competition by exceeding the highest standards of siding repair and flashing installations. Whether your home has damaged or dilapidated siding, improperly flashed windows, or lacks effective weatherproofing or weather-resistant barriers, SFW Construction can do the work to fix and preserve the integrity of your home.

Siding Repair

Siding problems are one of the most common problems homeowners face, especially in the torrential Northwest. While siding can last 20 – 40 years before showing signs of wear, constant rain and wind, seasonal freezing weather and hot sunny summers tend to break it down more quickly. That’s why SFW Construction provides a streamlined and cost-efficient siding repair technique known as targeted siding repair work. Using this strategy we hone in on the affected siding that needs repair and fixes it while leaving the siding that is still good and intact, which saves you time and money.

Instead of hiring the first siding company, you call who says you need a full siding replacement job, call SFW Construction. Our siding repair also focuses on blending in the new siding with the old so that the look is fabulous.

Flashing Repair

Improper flashing around windows, or total lack of flashing, can cause serious problems with water and moisture inundation around your window or window frame. Flashing is a fancy word for the process of sealing the cracks and crevices around your windows and protecting windows and doors from water intrusion through proper construction techniques. Proper flashing provides a reliable seal around your windows and directs water and rain away from the direction of your home and its openings.

SFW Construction uses the highest grade flashing products made by DuPont Tyvek—a recognized expert in home construction products—to protect your home from water intrusion. Dupont Tyvek flashing tape serves as a reliable and durable way to seal your home windows and frames.


SFW Construction specializes in weatherproofing Northwest homes that need to stand up to the battering of cold, wet, windy weather. We use effective weather-resistant barriers that provide layers of insulation and weather protection to your home. This is just another technique we employ to make your home more energy-efficient, durable, and long-lasting.

Contact SFW Construction for a FREE consultation on repairing construction defects in your home.