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Edmonds Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Edmonds Dry Rot Repair Throughout Snohomish County, Washington

SFW Construction provides Edmonds dry rot repair that holds up relentlessly against the toughest weather. Lush, green landscapes come hand in hand with continuous wet weather that provides a perfect environment for the wood fungus that causes dry rot. Located on the beautiful Puget Sound, Edmonds is a tranquil place to own a home, but can also be a challenging location to deal with wood rot and moisture-related home upkeep. Dry rot is a common problem throughout the Pacific Northwest and Edmonds, Washington. As problematic as it can be, it is also fortunately very treatable.

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The Problem Of Dry Rot In Edmonds, Washington

Dry rot is a term that represents various states of decay in wood. It is caused by a fungus that inhabits and feeds on wood that is moist or damp. As a progressive condition, in its early stages, dry rot appears on wood surfaces as a large collection of spores that have a reddish tint. As it progresses into more advanced stages, the spores expand and create growths on wood that may look like cotton or cobwebs. In some instances, dry rot manifests as mushroom-like growths on wood. In either case, dry rot eventually depletes wood of its coherence, makes it crack, crumble and break apart easily.

Dry Rot Can Make Your Edmonds Home Unsafe

Wood rot dilapidates the healthy wood in your Edmonds home, making it unreliable and ineffective to provide a structure, it can also endanger the people living in your home. Dry rot that is left unchecked and unattended to will usually continue to expand and spread throughout whatever moist or damp wood sources it can locate. As it does this it will make your home increasingly inhabitable for you and your family.

Edmonds Dry Rot
Edmonds Dry Rot

Dry Rot Removal Professional

SFW Construction provides Edmonds dry rot repair and removal services that are both dependable and highly effective. We know how to extract all of the wood fungus that causes dry rot, right down to the microscopic spores which must be expunged in order to resolve the spread of dry rot. In addition to expert dry rot removal, we also provide excellent carpentry, home restoration, siding repair and any kind of construction work that your home may need, depending on the extent to which the dry rot has affected your home structure.

Indications Of Dry Rot

There are a few good signs that your home has dry rot: a musty, mildewy smell accompanied by wood that is discolored or appears to have strange growths on it, as well as wood that does not function properly, warps or falls apart. However, if you are unsure of whether or not your Edmonds home has wood rot call SFW Construction for a free phone consultation. If it sounds like you do, we’ll schedule an in-home inspection to take a look with you. If we find evidence of dry rot, SFW Construction works collaboratively with you to determine a cost-effective and manageable way to remove the dry rot, repair your home and provide any necessary restoration work.

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