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SFW Construction specializes in dry rot repair

SFW Construction is the number one Enumclaw dry rot repair specialist, serving the area for 15 years.

The problem of dry rot is common for Enumclaw homeowners due to the wet climate that makes Enumclaw a perfect environment for the wood fungus that causes dry rot to inhabit homes. Dry rot causes the wood in your home to decay and can ultimately be very destructive to your home. Fortunately, it is a treatable condition when addressed by trained dry rot repair experts. SFW Construction LLC is a recognized Enumclaw dry rot removal and repair company with years of positive client experiences.

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Addressing Dry Rot is a Critical Issue

Dry rot has the capacity to decay and dilapidate the wood in your home, including the floors, cupboards, windows and doors, and any part of the entire structure that is composed of wood. Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that progresses in stages as it overcomes and devours the properties of healthy wood that make it strong and durable. In advanced stages, dry rot represents a state in which wood is cracked, crumbles easily and falls apart. Wood in such a condition is not fit to fortify your home and must be repaired.

Addressing dry rot is a critical issue because of two factors: 1) the longer you wait the worse the problem becomes, and 2) when dry rot has taken hold and dilapidated the wood structures or surfaces in your home, it creates an unsafe and unhealthy living space for you and your family. Regarding factor one, as dry rot progress it also becomes more costly to repair, so addressing it sooner than later will save you time, money and hassle.

Hire a Professional Dry Rot Repair Specialist

While you may want to remove the dry rot from your home yourself, unless you have training your efforts might fall short of the mark. Removing dry rot entails eradicating your home of all the wood fungus that causes this nasty condition, right down to the tiny spores from which it grows. SFW Construction LLC provides professional Enumclaw dry rot removal and repair that remediates the problem completely.

We are also a full scale general contractor with extensive experience in carpentry and all home restoration work. Removing dry rot from your home may entail structural restoration, including carpentry, siding repair and roofing. Home construction is our overall business, so we are well equipped to make any and all repairs your home may need to restore it from dry rot damage.

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Rot

If you notice any unusual odors or wood surfaces that appear strange looking or have growths on them, your home may have dry rot. Floors or wood structures that bend in, shrink or are loose may also indicate dry rot.

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