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Everett Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Everett Dry Rot Repair Throughout Snohomish, Washington

Since 2005, SFW Construction has provided Everett, Washington with expert dry rot repair. Located on the shores of the beautiful Puget Sound in the lush Pacific Northwest, Everett is a wonderful place to live. However, alongside the plentitude of natural beauty, Everett homeowners must also contend with various household problems caused by a rainforest-like climate. Topping the list is wood rot, a condition of decay in the wood structures of your Everett home that is caused by a fungus. While dry rot promotes problems for homeowners, it can be treated effectively. SFW Construction is a professional Everett dry rot repair company that has served Everett homeowners for over a decade.

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3-Step Dry Rot Removal Process

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The SFW Construction team is experienced and knowledgeable. We specialize in resolving all your dry rot issues and eliminating your problem from the source. With our targeted repair process we can restore your home’s structural integrity to its pristine condition and provide you with a long-lasting solution. SFW Construction understands the skill, care, and work needed to inspect, locate, and effectively remove and remediate moisture along with making the necessary repairs caused by dry rot. If you do not want the structural support of your property at risk, give our professionals a call we would be glad to help.

Professional Dry Rot Repair Experts

Being a homeowner can be challenging, especially when unexpected problems arise where you need a contractor. If you have not hired a contractor recently, the search can feel time-consuming and daunting. However, before you hire just any contractor or handyman, we recommend doing some research to understand your problem, what the solution entails, and how to pick the right contractor. Picking the right contractor will be well worth all the effort you choose to put into the search as it could save you from having to re-do the project in the future

“Project started with SFW painting the outside of my house and garage. 40+ years since the house had any paint. SFW took care of some repairs before the paint team could begin. The carpenter team and pre-paint prep teams were wonderful. Everyone was thorough and professional about containing and cleaning up the old lead house paint. The finished repairs and the new paint job looks spectacular.”

∼ Courtney S. • Google – (04/2022)

“The crew showed up daily, on time, and eager to work. Ensuring my project’s scope was completed correctly was priority #1. I appreciated the friendly and efficient work of the crew and the receptive manner of the office staff to any questions. Outstanding attention to detail, constantly and consistently showing up on time, with a great “can do” attitude. In addition, your financing assistance.”

∼ Christopher K. • Guild Quality – (04/2022)

“We asked SFW Construction to repair dry rot and replace railings on our deck. We are delighted with their work – starting with the team supervisor and crew. They were always on time every morning, very clear and respectful in communicating updates, and maintained/cleaned up the worksite well. The results (the deck support and railings) look terrific! We would certainly use them again. Thank you, SFW Construction. ”

∼ Eugene E. • Google – (02/2022)

Common Signs Of Dry Rot

Dry rot, also known as wood rot, is a serious problem that can threaten the structural integrity of your home by eating away and deteriorating the wood. While discovering dry rot you may also notice the discoloration of wood surfaces, a dank mildew smell, or areas in your floor that “give” when you walk upon it are all common indications of dry rot in your home.

Dry rot occurs in areas that are subject to excessive moisture including, but not limited to:

  • Areas of your kitchen and bathroom
  • Deck floorboards, ledger, and posts
  • Floor covering, subfloor, and joists
  • Framing around windows and doors
  • Inside posts, beams, joists, and sills
  • Roof shingles, gutters, soffit, and fascia
  • Walls, baseboards, stiles, and rails

What Exactly Is Dry Rot?

Dry rot is the result, in varying stages, of the effect of the wood fungus that causes it. The final condition of dry rot is just as it sounds, a state in which previously healthy wood is thoroughly decayed. Such wood cracks crumble and falls apart easily when pressure is applied to it. Therefore, wood structures and surfaces in your home that have dry rot can jeopardize the integrity of your home and the safety of you and your family.

Fortunately for Everett homeowners, the progression of dry rot takes a number of years, and if caught in earlier stages the damage it does to your home is minimal and the dry rot fungus can be eradicated more quickly. To maintain the health and safety of your home, it’s important to spot the signs of dry rot and consult with a professional Everett dry rot repair and removal company such as SFW Construction.

How Dry Rot Can Invade And Dilapidate Your Home

The wood fungus that promotes dry rot feeds on wet or damp wood, which is not hard to find in Everett, Washington! Any place in your home that is prone to excessive moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen—even exterior areas such as the wood around gutters or roofing under loose shingles—is a prime location for the wood fungus that causes dry rot. Once the wood rot has invaded your Everett home, the fungus spreads unabated, pervading and decaying healthy wood. At this point, the fungus must be removed or it will dilapidate your home.

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