Gresham dry rot

Gresham Dry Rot

SFW Construction specializes in dry rot repair

SFW Construction LLC provides a full-scale dry rot repair service that will restore your home.

SFW Construction LLC experts provide a full scale dry rot repair services that restores your Gresham home to mint condition, making it healthy and safe for you and your family. Dry rot, also known as wood rot, can be a serious problem for homeowners in Gresham, Oregon and throughout the Northwest.

Expert Dry Rot Repair Service

Living in the rainy Northwest, most Oregon homeowners are accustomed to dealing with the various problems that are caused by so much moisture. However, addressing dry rot in Gresham can be an especially tricky process as this pernicious little problem creeps into the very structure of your home. Topical approaches won’t resolve the issue because the source of the dry rot must be located and remediated. The dry rot must be expunged or extracted from the presiding structure it has affected and the structure must be repaired.

SFW Construction LLC has years of experience as a professional Gresham dry rot repair service. We are one of the few premier construction companies in that specializes in Gresham dry rot repairing and restoration work. We know how to resolve the problem of dry rot and ensure that it is highly unlikely to reoccur. If you’ve got dry rot or wood rot problem in your home you should take care of it now before it becomes an even bigger problem and threat to your Gresham home. We can eradicate this problem for you and restore your home to proper condition.

What is Dry Rot and Why is it so Dangerous?

Dry rot is the term used to describe previously healthy wood that has been deteriorated by a wood fungus that causes decay. Ironically, the wood fungi involved in dry rot eats away at the parts of the wood that make it strong and hard. Feeding on the moisture in the wood, the fungus causes wood to become brittle and to break apart and crumble—which is obviously what you don’t want happening to the structure of your home!

Dry rot fungus isn’t content to eat just one portion of wood, it spreads to the nearest healthy wood it can find and keeps consuming and deteriorating all the healthy wood it can find. If your Gresham home has been infiltrated by dry rot, it must be addressed or it will continue to destroy whatever wood it can.

Where Does Dry Rot Occur?

In general, places that feature wood that is moist or wet tend to be favorite spots for dry rot to take hold. Gresham dry rot can occur in the interior and exterior of a home, but may be more prevalent in portions that are exposed to the elements. Here are a few main places of your Gresham home where dry rot happens:

  • The floors, walls, and countertops of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Older, damaged and/or deteriorating home siding.
  • Any part of an exterior deck.
  • The framing and sills around windows and doors.
  • The roof, especially underneath shingles that are loose or damaged.
  • Wood around gutters, flashing, and eaves.
  • Inside the posts, beams, and joists of your home.
  • Crawl spaces and attics.

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