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Hillsboro Dry Rot

SFW Construction specializes in dry rot repair

SFW Construction LLC has provided Hillsboro dry rot repair services for over a decade.

Hillsboro homeowners know all about safeguarding their homes against the rain and the wet Oregon climate. But when dry rot has taken hold in the wood structure of your home, you need to call a Hillsboro dry rot removal specialist to get the job done right. SFW Construction LLC is Hillsboro’s dry rot repair specialist. Call today for a free consultation!

Tackling the Dry Rot Problem in Hillsboro Requires A Specialist

Although it’s called ‘dry rot,’ the dry rot fungus thrives on moisture in wood. Living in the northwest, where being wet is a general rule of thumb, the fungus that causes dry rot has a virtual buffet of fine dining options throughout your beautiful home! If you suspect you might have dry rot, SFW Construction LLC can provide you with a free on-the-phone consultation as well as an affordable in-home inspection. We’ve been tackling Hillsboro dry rot problems for years and know how to detect and remove dry rot, as well as repair your damaged wood structure so that it is restored to a healthy and fully functional condition.

SFW Construction LLC is the perfect specialist to fix your Hillsboro dry rot problem because we are a full service general contractor that is extensively experienced in siding repair and can repair any dry rot associated problem your home may have.

Hiring a professional to eradicate the dry rot in your home is essential because if you don’t get all of the dry rot, right down to the microscopic spores that it comes from, the problem will likely resurface and continue to do damage to your Hillsboro home. Also, keep in mind that the longer you wait the more pervasive and damaging the dry rot will become to your home.

How Can You Tell if You Might Have Dry Rot in Your Hillsboro Home?

Because the fungus that causes dry rot eats away at the structural integrity of the wood in your home, you can typically tell if you have dry rot based on signs that indicate weakened or deteriorating wood. For instance, floors that have spots that ‘give’ or squeak when you walk on them may indicate that the wood beneath your floor is compromised. Any wood that appears darker than usual, discolored, seems to be softer or looser than normal, or looks as if it is shrinking or cracking may be affected by dry rot. A musty mildew smell is another good sign, and if any wood surface in your home has a growth on it that looks like mushrooms, cobwebs or cotton, you are likely dealing with an advanced stage of dry rot.

Areas of your home that are prone to large amounts of moisture, such as bathroom and kitchen counter tops, walls and floors are a favorite spot for the dry rot fungus to feed. Dry rot may also grow on exterior surfaces of your home, such as your deck, roof, area around gutters and the framing and sills around windows and doors.

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