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Dry rot is a persistent problem in Kenmore, Washington – where the rainy, wet Pacific Northwest weather creates a climate that is perfect for the wood fungus that promotes dry rot. Dealing with dry rot is a headache for homeowners because it decays wood and is difficult to repair, let alone eradicate one’s home of the dry rot wood fungus. SFW Construction LLC provides cost-effective professional Kenmore dry rot repair and structural restoration services that relive homeowners of this difficult burden. Call us today for a free phone consultation!

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Rot

If you think your home might have dry rot, here are some common indications that it does:

  • Musty or mildew-like odor caused by fungus and rotting wood.
  • Wood that is dotted with reddish spores that spread across the wood surface.
  • Wood that has strange growths that look like cotton, cobweb or mushrooms.
  • Wood that has become dilapidated or decayed, that is cracked or crumbling.
  • Flooring that has sunken spots that “give” when walked upon.

These are just a few common symptoms of dry rot. In actuality, dry rot occurs in stages as the wood fungus that causes dry rot gradually inhabits and consumes the once healthy wood. The earlier you catch dry rot in its development the easier it will be to eradicate, the less damage it will do, and the cheaper the cost to repair. If your home has any of the above symptoms, contact SFW Construction LLC today, your premiere Kenmore dry rot repair specialist, for a free consultation.

Places Where Dry Rot is Likely to Occur

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus that feeds on moist or damp wood. Therefore, dry rot is most likely to occur in places that are humid, moist or exposed to wet conditions. Dry rot doesn’t only happen inside your home, it can happen in exterior regions as well. Keep in mind that dry rot only occurs in wood, not in other home construction materials such as metal, plastic or brick.

The following is a list of the most common places dry rot develops:

  • Floors, countertops and walls in bathrooms and kitchens
  • In aging or damaged home siding
  • The framework around doors and windows (and sills)
  • On the roof under loose shingles
  • The wood around gutters and eaves.
  • Under flooring, in crawl spaces and attics
  • In your home structure: posts, beams, and joists.

Professional Dry Rot Removal

SFW Construction LLC is a licensed general contractor with years of Kenmore dry rot removal and repair experience. As a construction company, we also provide the full range of carpentry services should your home need any structural repairs caused by dry rot damage.

Call or Email SFW Construction LLC today to talk with a friendly professional about our top-of-the-line dry rot inspection and repair services!