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Lake Forest Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Lake Forest Dry Rot Repair And Replacement Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the number one Lake Forest Park dry rot contractor. Dry rot is a destructive problem that can lead to dilapidation and decay in your home. If you think your home has dry rot, the best course of action is to call SFW Construction for a free phone consultation—because the longer you wait to address dry rot, the worse it will get. Fortunately, wood rot is very treatable by trained professionals who can eradicate the dry rot fungus and restore your Lake Forest Park home to a healthy condition.

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How Dry Rot Takes Hold And Corrodes Your Home

Dry rot is, ironically, a condition caused by a wood fungus that feeds on wet or damp wood, robbing it of its vigor and strength. Though dry rot is progressive and advances through a few stages, the end condition of dry rot is wood that is basically worthless—cracked, crumbling and breaking apart under pressure. Obviously, wood that has been reduced to dry rot is not fit to support your home structure or surfaces and must be repaired.

Professional Dry Rot Repair

Removing wood rot from your Lake Forest Park home and restoring wood surfaces and structures that have been invaded by dry rot is a complex procedure. The first step involves removing all the wood fungus that cause dry rot, which includes the microscopic spores from which it is born (otherwise it will only continue). Then the dry rot itself must be removed, along with all the wood infected with dry rot. This process can entail structural restoration if previously healthy wood structures have been compromised by the dry rot.

SFW Construction is a comprehensive general contractor, licensed and certified to provide the full gamut of home construction, carpentry and remodeling. You may not need a whole lot of structural renovation, but it’s good to know that you have an experienced and qualified professional at your disposal if you do. We are a recognized and reputable Lake Forest Park dry rot repair specialist, providing high quality and cost-effective dry rot removal to homeowners for over a decade.

Lake Forest Park Dry Rot
Lake Forest Park Dry Rot

What To Look For If You Think You Have Dry Rot

Dry rot affects wood surfaces and structures in your home is distinguishable ways. While most symptoms are visual, dry rot is also often accompanied by a musty or fungus-like odor. It can also be detected by feeling concave areas on your floor that “give” when walked upon. Visual cues related to dry rot mostly center around wood that is darker or discolored from its original condition or wood that looks cracked, like cotton, or has cobweb or mushroom growths on it. Wood rot also causes wood to shrink and become loose, so any significant changes in the functionality of wood structures or surfaces in your Lake Forest Park home may also indicate dry rot.

Dry rot can occur in the interior as well as exterior portions of your home, typically in places that have excessive moisture or exposure to the elements. The kitchen, bathrooms, areas around windows and doors are prominent, but dry rot can also happen in wood around gutters and under loose shingles in the roof.

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