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Lake Oswego Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Lake Oswego Dry Rot Repair Throughout Clackamas County, Oregon

SFW Construction has provided homeowners in Lake Oswego dry rot repair services for over a decade, making us the number one choice for your next repair. The rainy Pacific Northwest weather that presides in Lake Oswego results in the perfect environment for the wood fungus that creates dry rot, a condition that occurs when the healthy wood in your Lake Oswego home has been deteriorated. Although dry rot is a dangerous and unwanted affliction for any homeowner, SFW Construction has served as Lake Oswego’s dry rot removal and repair service for over a decade. Just give us a ring and we can discuss it with you and help to rid your home of the problem.

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How Dry Rot Invades And Corrodes Home

Although it’s called ‘dry rot,’ this nasty problem is caused by a wood fungus that thrives on wood that is moist or wet, which means it is very prevalent in Lake Oswego and throughout Oregon. Beginning as a microscopic spore, the fungus feeds on the aspect of healthy wood that makes it strong and durable, eventually causing it to crack and crumble and fall apart – which means it will no longer do its job in your home very well.

The wood fungus that results in dry rot isn’t content to eat just one portion of wood; like a contagion, it continues to spread throughout any moist wood it can feed upon. This common Northwest problem requires professional dry rot removal treatment to rid it completely so it won’t reoccur. With over a decade of dry rot removal and structural home restoration, SFW Construction is well-suited to resolve any dry rot problems in your home.

Lake Oswego Dry Rot Repair
Lake Oswego Dry Rot Repair

How Do You Know If Your Lake Oswego Home Has Dry Rot?

While there are a few tell-tale signs of dry rot, it’s always best to consult a professional Lake Oswego dry rot specialist to obtain a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on in your home. SFW Construction provides free phone consultations and cost-effective in-home dry rot inspections. If we identify dry rot in your home, we’ll devise a workable plan to remove it and restore your home to health.

Wood rot tends to occur in those areas of your Lake Oswego home that are prone to excessive moisture, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. It can occur in wood countertops, in the wood structures of walls and in wood flooring. Dry rot also occurs in exterior wooden parts of your home, including the roof under loose shingles, wood around gutters, and frames and sills around windows and doors.

The following are common symptoms of dry rot:

  • A mildew-like or musty odor around wooden areas.
  • Floors or wood surfaces that are darker than usual or discolored.
  • Flooring with areas that become concave, “give” or squeak when walked upon.
  • Wood surfaces or structures are shrinking or cracked.
  • Wood surfaces or structure are softer than normal or seem to be loose.
  • Cobweb, cotton or mushroom-like growths appear on wood surfaces.

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