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Mercer Island Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Mercer Island Dry Rot Repair And Replacement Throughout King County, Washington

SFW Construction is the go-to company for top-quality Mercer Island dry rot repair. Mercer Island is a beautiful and tranquil place to live. Located in Lake Washington in the great Pacific Northwest, Mercer Island is an ideal place to buy a home. For all its idyllic beauty, however, Mercer Island homeowners must face the persistent problem of dry rot in their homes. Dry rot is a nagging challenge that can reach a critical point and is most effectively addressed and resolved by a professional dry rot removal service.

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Why It Is So Critical To Address Dry Rot In Your Mercer Island Home

Dry rot is a problem that can lead to a state of decay and disrepair in the wood structures and surfaces of your Mercer Island home. Once that happens, your home may become unsafe to live in. Dry rot represents the end-state of the destructive activity inflicted upon healthy wood by the dry rot wood fungus. Wood infected by dry rot may shrink, develop cracks, and crumble or break away easily when bearing weight or pressure.

SFW Construction is a full-scale general contractor construction company that has successfully treated dry rot in Mercer Island homes for over a decade. While we provide professional dry rot removal and repair services, we are also fully equipped to address and repair associated structural problems caused by dry rot, such as dilapidated siding or any other wood structures or surfaces in your Mercer Island home impacted by wood rot.

Signs & Symptoms of Dry Rot In Your Home

Any significant changes in the appearance, smell or functionality of wood surfaces or structures in your home may be an indication of dry rot. For instance, the tiles in your bathroom begin to grow wider and become loose – or an area of flooring in your kitchen or living room becomes slightly concave and “gives” when walked upon. Wood that is discolored or has a dank and musty odor is another sign of dry rot.

Mercer Island Dry Rot

The Following Is A List Of Common Dry Rot Symptoms:

  • Wood surfaces are discolored, shrinking, cracked, or feel soft and spongy.
  • Reddish spores or yellowing growth on wood surfaces or structures.
  • Wood appears to consist of cobwebs or cotton, or have mushroom-like growths.
  • A damp, fungal, musty odor exuded by wood.
  • Floors appear “wonky” or concave in areas that “give” when walked upon.

Where You Will Find Dry Rot In Your Home

Wood rot can occur in interior and exterior areas of your Mercer Island home – basically any place that has a high degree of moisture. It is common in the cupboards, walls, flooring and countertops of kitchens and bathrooms. But dry rot can also occur around window and door frames (inside and outside) as well as in wood around gutters and roofing under loose shingles.
Dry rot is a serious problem for Mercer Island homeowners. Call SFW Construction today for a free and comprehensive phone consultation!

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