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Milwaukie Dry Rot Repair

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SFW Construction Specializes In Milwaukie Dry Rot Repair Throughout Clackamas County, Oregon

SFW Construction is the company for top-quality Milwaukie dry rot repair. Milwaukie homeowners who enjoy the lush environment of the Pacific Northwest must also cope with household issues that the wet climate engenders. One of the most prevalent problems homeowners face is dry rot – a condition that severely weakens the wood structures in your Milwaukie home, creating a dangerous situation for you and your family. SFW Construction is a professional Milwaukie dry rot removal specialist that can address any dry rot concerns or problems you have in your home.

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Industry Leading Dry Rot Repair

Thriving on the moisture in wood, dry rot can occur in any wood that is exposed to a damp, wet, or rainy condition. This means dry rot can occur in both interior and exterior areas of your Milwaukie home. Common exterior locations are the frame and ledges around windows and doors, the wood around gutters, and the roof beneath loose shingles. Common interior locations highlight the floors, countertops, and walls in the bathroom and kitchen, but also include the attic, crawlspaces, cellar and floors throughout the home.

Once wood rot has taken hold of structures or surfaces of your Milwaukie home it tends to consume the wood in an unbridled fashion. If left untreated, dry rot will gradually deteriorate whatever wood structure it has inhabited. So, if you suspect you have dry rot it’s a good idea to consult a professional and have your home inspected. The sooner you address the problem the less damage the dry rot will inflict, and the easier and more cost-effective it will be for you to have fixed.

Milwaukie Dry Rot
Milwaukie Dry Rot

Signs & Symptoms Of Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by a wood fungus, it is associated with a musty, fungus-like smell and may cause infected wood to have mushroom-like growths or appear to have cobwebs or a cotton-like surface. Dry rot causes wood to appear darker than normal and may cause it to shrink or become loose. Areas of flooring that bend in or “give” when walked on may have dry rot underneath them. Wood rot likely to occur in the bathroom or kitchen as well as areas exposed to the elements—like door and window frames—or even in exterior portions of your Milwaukie home, such as around gutters and under loose shingles.

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